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More sickos in the news

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Guest SouthernCelt

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So much of this caper was not thought through. Now don't get me wrong, I don't condone or approve of necrophilia in ANY way :puke: . However it seems these boys have never been to a funeral. They don't just bury the coffin these days. They surround the coffin with a solid concrete bunker and sometimes a thick plastic shell as well. It is near impossible to dig up a grave without some major power equipment. :closed::rip: . Secondly I don't care how nice this girl's photo looked in the obit but the non-survivor of a motorcycle accident is bound to not really be a pretty sight :puke: . Thirdly, condoms!? Um, what for? Pregnancy is rather slim, disease usually requires a living host, and any parasites the girl had are interested in dead tissue not living.

In short, very stupid boys. If Frank had been invovled in this one and had a vision, I think he would have puked on the scene :puke: and had a migraine for the rest of the day.


Anyway I must now go find something upbeat to watch now :doh:

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Guest SouthernCelt
...now there's a gene pool that is in desperate need of some chlorine..

4th Horseman...

Good one...I've got to add that to my list of quips, comebacks and generally sarcastic responses. :clapping:

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