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The Millennium Group lives on.....

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Raven Wolf

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I had planned to post this yesterday, but did not want to overshadow my dear Selfosophy Psycho and his announcement of Ten Thirteen Discussions. This is his "baby", that he's been working VERY hard on, for a long time.

But, now that his site has been launched, I wish to announce this. Some of you are already aware of this, because of a thread that started back at the beginning of the year, posted by Trent Black, entitled "Be Frank Black". Trent was moved to try to use our passion for Millennium to unite some of us to solve a crime in his home town of Virginia Beach, which occured August of 2005. Only a few of us really got into it, and it began to take on a life of its own. We had a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs while working on that case, and it seemed that, due to some events I won't get into here, that our little group was going to be wiped out. We never actualy solved this case, but I emailed all the information I had gathered to the local PD. What they do with it, if they even bother to read it, we may never know.

Now....it is time to start again. I have 2 websites set up. One public, and one a private message board. Also, Selfosophy Psycho set up a place on his 1013 Discussions website that he has welcomed us to use as a message board, due to security issues at the old site. It's great as a back-up plan, because it's hidden.

At first, I thought of Trent as our leader. He brought the case out for us to look into. He is the one with the intelligence and the amazing way of motivating me. But, I am not sure he really wants to be looked at as the leader, founder, or whatever. I do credit him with bringing us together, but I guess it's going to be up to me to make something out of what he inspired. An opportunity which I welcome, mind you!

This group is NOT in any way a representation of this message board. It is not a part of it in any way, and what we are dealing with is REAL LIFE. If anyone here has been inspired by the series to answer "The Call of Millennium", now is your time to come forth. If anyone wants to use the talents they have, which drew them to Millennium to begin with, to help others....please respond here.

And, yes, my public site is called The Millennium Group

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There’s really no way to express my admiration for the courage Raven and Trent showed. All brought about by a difficult and tragic murder case. Amazing things happened thanks to Raven’s tenacity and Trent’s passionate determination. An experience I won’t soon forget.

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Thanks, Graham. It means a lot to me to have you in my corner.

Moriarty, I'm thrilled that you're interested. Please, let me know where you interest lies, and what sort of involvement you desire?

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Guest SouthernCelt

Hey, Old L-...errr...Raven Wolf, I'll be glad to help in some small way. Can't say I'm 'sensitive' as you and perhaps some of the others here are, but I really get into puzzles, e.g., trying to figure out what cryptic and coincidental numbers and literary or Biblical references may really mean in the context of a specific situation.

(Boy, glad I caught myself there. Didn't want to bring her wrath down on me. At least her punishment is milder than what Sgt. Major Basil Plumley [don't you just love that name for a grizzled old soldier? It really was his name!] told the greenhorn 1st. Lieutenants in 'We Were Solders' in reference to him being so much older than they: "Any one of you **** call me grandpa, I'll kill ya.")

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LOL OK, Grand... uhhh....nevermind.

Maybe we can talk sometime about your interest in/aptitude for numbers and puzzles. I think you could be quite an asset (yes...I said ASS-ET)

Speaking of weird number things...how about the whole 26-8 in Curse of Frank Black, along with 26-8 being my numerology numbers? That's kind of strange, is it not?

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Does anyone here know the laws regarding a hit & run? I've been advertising on Craigslist, and someone responded, saying he had been the victim of a hit & run by a drunk driver. He says he knows WHO the man is, has his address, but not his phone number. He keeps insisting he wants to know the name of the other guy's insurance co. I told him I don't think it works that way. That I think what he would have to do is press charges, because the insurance compony doesn't give 2 shits about what he "claims" happened, since it has not been proven in a court of law.

Thoughts, anyone?

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