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Raven Wolf

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Guest SouthernCelt

Did the victim alleging the H&R report it to the police? If not, he's probably wasting his time, if anything actually happened at all, since it's one word against another in private litigation. If he had reported it to the cops they could have at least inspected the alleged violator's car for damage consistent with whatever the particulars of the H&R were supposed to be. They might not be able to prove intoxication but it would have at least created a police report that could be used for reference even if the police didn't pursue a criminal prosecution.

I would strongly suspect that either the victim was as 'bad' off as the alleged violator with respect to having been drinking and he didn't want to be charged himself or he's only interested in getting something out of the alleged violator for a perceived offense, maybe one that has nothing to do with a H&R.

I know people who have had problems getting financial restitution for accidents caused by others even when there were no questions about what happened or who was at fault. And a lot of the ambulance chasing lawyer types that like to bully and threaten the other party's insurance into offering a settlement to avoid court, will take most of the settlement award for 'winning' the case.

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I dunno....This one just "smells funny" to me.

The alleged "victim" clames that the cops are just no good and lazy. That, since this was a H&R, and there is no proof of who it was, even though he knows who the person is, he can't get the cops to listen. My big question was...."If you can't prove this to the cops, how do you plan on convincing an insurance co? They are famous for NOT wanting to EVER "pay up". So, the whole thing just smells fishy to me.

If I was in his situation, trying to get in touch with the other person's insurance company would not be on my "to do" list. It just makes no logical sense. If I hired a PI, it would be to go to the person who I claim hit me, and try to get pictures of the damage on his car, and see if there are bits of paint there that match my car. But, even then, I'd know that there is really very little that can be done. IF I had a host of eye witnesses, photos, paint samples, etc....MAYBE I'd see if there is a lawyer alive who would take the case.

I think this is another so called "case" to just let slide.

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