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People! I have returned....

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Guest TheUnknownSuperior

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Guest TheUnknownSuperior

Hello to all the members of this forum. Some of you may remember me from that far way time when the show was still airing new episodes. Well, all this talk about the show finally coming to dvd this fall as got me excited. As I'm sure it has all of you. Excited enough to dust off my old vhs tapes.. (which are not long for this world anymore - thank god for dvd!) and excited enough to bring my website back from the dead.

Some of you may know my site.. if not, check it out.. (www.thisiswhoweare.8m.com). It's a little rusty as the internet has changed around it since the last update in 2001. :blush: So, some features don't work, some links are dead and some sections just plain were never finished. Hopefully that will be remedied this year. :bigsmile:

Again, a big hello to all the members of the forum. Looks like a great and vibrant place. Who'd a thought that all this time later we'd all still be here... :devil01: We'll feel free to email me or get in touch with me on MSN messenger. My MSN id and my email address is wp623@victoria.tc.ca. I look forward to contributing here as often as time will allow.


Jason Walsh, webmaster

The Unknown Superiors


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Welcome to This Is Who We Are! Jason, your site was an inspiration and a golden reminder of MillenniuM's heydays. You are very welcome and we are honoured to have a true Elder with us!

It is remarkable that so many fans have stayed with the program and its fan base for so long, it's a testament to what Chris Carter and his varying Team created for us. Long live MillenniuM and the DVD Release!

This Is Who We Are :ouro:

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I'll check out your site asap.... And, would you mind if I posted a link to it on my MillenniuM/X-Files Memorium links page?

I, and everyone else here, (who doesn't know you already! LOL) look forward to getting to know you.

This Is Who We Are... :Ouro_Large:

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........ahhh,"the unknown superiors"! fond memories of that site,indeed. it's nice to see a few of these older site gearing back up again! thanks! ...and welcome to TIWWA! look forward to hearing from you again soon!


se7en :ouro:

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Nice site (even though the FAQ link doesn't work). Welcome to TIWWA.

Be Seeing You,

David Blackwell

"Don't tug on that, you never know what it might be attached to. "- Buckaroo Banzai


"There are no answers- only choices."

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Guest TheUnknownSuperior

thanks for the welcome everyone...

voidprime.. that FAQ link was pointed at the big faq that I helped compile that was hosted at the millennium-compendium.com. That site is no more.. but the same faq was hosted at Brian Dixon's "abyss" site if you want to take a look at it.

- Jason

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