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2000 The Beginning & the End

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Raven Wolf

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Guest Laurent.
TOBY: Life's funny that way.

SALLY: Funny's a funny word for it.

I don't think the world is darker, sicker or worst than it ever was. There had always been wars and crimes. The only thing that has changed is the broadcast that events like this are getting today. We don't have enough time in a day to read all the bad news that came out in the last 24 hrs. Maybe it has always been this way but now it's overwhelming us because we are actually aware of it.

Darkness is in the eyes of the beholder. The only thing that makes the world seems darker than before is the way we look at it. Of course things might have been better for the U.S.A. in the past but then again, it was bad somewhere else. We just have to stop thinking that it's all going to Hell and start anew, little by little without trying to force things to happen. I think deep down every man and woman on this planet is a decent human being... so things should not end up too bad for us if we only try.

Edit: Now that I think of it, maybe we should really all join Selfosophy.

Edited by Laurent.
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Yes, you both have good points, which raises another point. "Awareness". Like you said, when things like the Holocaust, the destruction of the Native Americans, The Black Plage, etc, were going on, we didn't all have the Internet and CNN to keep us informed. But, in effect, this means we have each been given a choice. Take the blue pill or the red pill. "Those who do not learn from the past are destined to repeat it." Before, when things started to get bad, they just kept getting bad, until someone stood up and said "ENOUGH". That's how slavery was ended. How Nazies stopped butchering the Jews. It never really happened for the Native Americans, since they were quiet and got herded off to "reservations" so they'd be "out of sight, out of mind". The trouble is... where has the passion gone that brought about the "Hippies" (heehee) of the 60's? Has everone gotten to USED to how bad things suck, and just accepted it?

It seems that this was the origional intent of The Millennium Group. "They believe we can't just sit back & hope for a happy ending."

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Guest Laurent.

Well said; but sadly those who decide to "take action" are usually dismissed as being unreasonable and/or unrealistic and it's hard for visionnaires (does this word even exist in english?) to be heard and taken seriously. Look at all the protests for Kyoto, against wars, etc.. so much efforts are wasted because others won't listen that the majority of us feel left behind. I for one am not taking too much interest in the worldwide political issues.

Things seem to have become too much complicated and people have lost interest in big projects. Not sure that a "race to the moon" would have the same support from the public than it had back then. People would want their taxes reduced first (at least here in Canada), they put their personal wallet and interest before humanity's development as a whole.

MR LOTT: The Millennium Group is not concerned with any single individual life. Do you see where I am going with this?

MR LOTT: Our responsibility …

MR LOTT: … and remember that word it will come up again, our responsibility is to the life of the whole of mankind.

MR LOTT: And so we must proceed in a manner that increases the odds of that survival. Sounds like a paradox...

MR LOTT: ... but it is the very nature of our responsibility.

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Great quote, Laran!

One wonders if anything could ever ignite the human spirit of adventure and teamwork that the "race to the moon" brought out...? The vast magority of the population had nothing "hands-on" to do with this project, but it so captivated people's interest and sense of adventure that it seemed most people were very supportive of that project, and even if they did nothing as individuals to that end, their support, their "energy" of support, came through and, in My opinion, helped the quest to succeed!

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This topic reminds me of the movie V is for Vendeta... it is about a guy that wakes up everyone!

Sadly, too many people in the west are preoccupied with entertainment, rich foods, cool toys etc. We are controlled by the TV and the things we are told we want.

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