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What If There Was A Millennium Episode Of Cops?

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I know The X-Files did the hilarious X-Cops, but I wonder what would happen if there was episode of Millennium like that. I wonder if Frank Black and Teryy O'Quinn come off as funny if the episode was llike Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense. I also wonder if Frank or Watts would be more receptive of the Cops camera crew. I think they would come off as very good (and neither one would come as Scully who remarks she hates the camera crew). Maybe Lara Means would come off as resentful of the Cops crew. Any thoughts on how a Millennium episode would be like it was in the vein of X-Cops?

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Guest ModernDayMoriarty

I doubt it would work. I will say right out, that I pretty much hated 'X-Cops'. But in Millennium, humour is harder to come by than in the X-Files. The humour in the X-Files basically comes down to pointing out how truly odd Fox Mulder is and playing up the reactions of Scully and 'normal' people when presented with this oddball.

In Millennium, the main source of humour comes from playing up how serious Frank is all the time, and how disatisfied he is with crude, ordinary people. '13 Years later...' uses this as the main basis for its humour (but stretches the joke way too far). Other examples are Frank completely blanking Roedecker every time he tries to talk to Frank about anything other than work and Frank looking so graven-faced and serious whilst playing Solitaire on his computer.

Millennium always set out to examine society and its evils in a serious tone. Shows like Cops show actual reality rather than the stylised reality of Millennium. It may not be actually real on MLM but it addresses real concerns in an interesting way. Cops merely points a voyeuristic eye towards how sad, sleazy and absurd reality actually is.

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