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Guest jediboricua

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Hi all, apologies for the lack of updates. I have continued to work on the Millennium Group Home Page over the last couple of days and its coming along really well.

The name personalisation is now fully working and tested in Firefox and Internet Explorer, when you change your name using the Settings Panel, it stores your name in a cookie so that next time you open your browser to the home page (or visit the home page) it will display your name.

The biggest change besides the revised layout, is that I've managed to incorporate some rather slick sliding effects using the MooTools library, to enhance the switching on and off of various sections of the page that users may want to see or not depending upon their personal choice. I've applied these to the top right Settings Panel and the 3 gold coloured RSS News Feed Panels. When you click on the toggle link to Show/Hide each panel, they smoothly slide open and closed.

Its quite a memorising effect!

Also, I reduced the size of the Ouroborus slightly from 500x wide to 400, so its better optimised for 1280px wide displays and above.

So here's the latest screen shot:


I've taken the shot where the Settings Panel (top right is open) and the second RSS block is closed to give you an idea of how it looks when you open and close things depending upon your preference.

It should be finished later this week. I want to build in an option for you to control your own countdown date and possibly another surprise option as well (if I can get that to work!).

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Guest FrankBlack

That's nothing shy of amazing....I always find myself humbled by people so able to find their way thru a computer system. There are days when I'm lucky I can remember where I left the bathroom! LOL :notworthy:

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Good news, the customisable countdown date is now working great and as with your name, it remembers your preference every time you open the page. Getting this working has been an absolute pig of a job, so its delayed me by a couple of days.

Here's the latest screen shot:


I've updated the list of features in my previous post accordingly.

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Hi Guys,

Today I had the chance to test this project and if any of you have been wondering why such an idea might be for you allow me to share with you my experience. At any given point, especially during campaign work, my browser is a mass of tabs and windows. Whether I'm updating the Blog, looking for posts here, seeking information on who played so-so in such-and-such episode, I usually end up with God knows how many open tabs as I cross-reference M-TIWWA, B2FB, IMDB, Google Image Search and so on. To say I have got myself in one or more kerfuffles in the past is an understatement.

What Graham has done here is take everything you would ever need in order to research or browse the world of Millennium news and articles and placed it together in one clean, easy to use interface. Rather than open countless tabs as usual I was able to keep abreast of B2FB and TIWWA, search the web, browse for images, search the databanks of M-TIWWA, persue blogs, search wikipedia and more besides from one handy hub. No more tabs, no more flipping between five or more websites, everything can be done from the one homepage.

The handiest function, for myself that is, is undoubtedly the Blog search. When we interviewed Kristen Cloke in the early days of the campaign I tried, using Google, to find any blogs that seemed Kristen friendly in the hope that I could tout the interview to them and didn't find much at all. Using the homepage I was able to turn up ten blogs straight away that I had never seen before despite seven months of searching.

When this is accessible to you all I cannot urge you enough to check it out, not only does it look great but it does the job stunningly. Tabs and windows are gonna be a thing of the past at Chez Eth I can tell you.


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