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Guest Jose Chung

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Thanks for the information on the Region 4 split packages and covers. I'm glad they didn't do that for the UK and US releases.

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Guest Gatekeeper
Thanks for the information on the Region 4 split packages and covers. I'm glad they didn't do that for the UK and US releases.


Actually, FOX have decided to re-release the R4 (Australian) version of Millennium Season 1 in two parts as well. The same goes for the R4 (Australian) re-releases of the X-files. It should be noted that these Millennium Season "parts" comprise a single amaray case holding three discs. I think FOX chose this packaging for R4 (Australia) to partly keep costs down and to make the Seasons more affordable.

People seem to forget that a DVD region release does not necessarily apply to the whole region - that's why I use the term R4 (Australia). There is indeed another Millennium release in R4 from Brazil, South America.

Artwork for the the Millennium Season 1 parts is below:

post-824-1127724411_thumb.jpg post-824-1127724427_thumb.jpg

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Guest Gatekeeper

More DVD updates for Region 4 (Australia):

Season 3 Parts 1 & 2: (3 discs each)


Millennium Complete DVD Collection: (18 discs)


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Rather than start a new topic I thought I would just piggy back on this one. Does anyone have any information as to why season 2 seems to be no longer being printed at all, only 2 and 3? I really wish we just had one boxset released with everything, so much simpler but I don't have a multiregion player.

Seven and One [3.19]

:"Frank Black" (voiceover): I've been given the gift of insight, of seeing in the dark and seeing into the darkness of men's hearts and minds. I know what evil is. I've seen it, felt it, tasted it, inhaled the demon breath of its ancient powers. The same powers that have been prophesied through history and which are now marshalling. Who is witness to this? Have we stopped listening to the prophets, the seers and the sayers? I have misjudged my gift. If I see in the darkness it's because there is light. And it is the light which guides me now. The light that will not go out, that will lead us out of the dark night, if we let ourselves feel this, too. It will protect me, as it protects those around me. Even as the ancient forces try to steal our breaths. Seven years of trials and tribulations. Seven plus one, the prophets tell us. Is this the end? The last year of this peace? Or the beginning?

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