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Alternative Legion theory

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Silly thought; What if it was not Legion that infiltrated the group in season three? Imagine the damage the bounty hunters from the X-files could cause? I actually think it is plausible that legion and the aliens could be working the group from different angles. Legion is working against the Roosters and the aliens are trying to destroy all possible resistance to the 2012 invasion by destroying the Owls. I don't think they would be working together (not knowingly anyway). Just a thought. :oneeyedwinK

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Very interesting thought, not silly. I like the idea of other influences instead of just Legion. As evil as Legion is, with two different factions of the group, Owls and Roosters, the bounty hunters would have been an awesome addition creating all kinds of twists. I always enjoyed it when there were influences from other groups. I look forward to other comments.

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I'm from the (assumed) minority in that I was a MIllennium fan before I started liking and watching the X Files. The connections between the 1013 shows add a nice touch, but It was the good and evil aspects that initially drew me to Millennium. Evil and the nature of evil can be presented in different ways, in that sometimes it is very real, like a lot of the murders and murderers, but it also has a supernatural, or spiritual aspect to it, where we see the "reasons" behinds some of the Millennium murders. Millennium was able to pull off both types of episodes well. Having just read the Glen Morgan article here that was linked to another topic thread, I would have to agree with Glen with trying to have the show stand on its own, with its own mythology. Granted, from what I have read and listened to, the Legion Arc was not specifically planned in the course of the show, but exploring the nature of evil seems to have accomplished this, even if by accident. However, it fits the entire show well, especially given how different the three seasons were from each other. Hindsight has helped develop the Legion Arc as well, and you have come to the right place to dig deep into this show!

Granted they brought back Frank for the X Files episode "MIllennium," so it's always fun to keep connecting dots and see what happens!


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What's interesting about Legion being brought into season 2 is that there was a poll as to which season was everyone's favorite, and if I remember correctly, season 2 won. I have got to find it to confirm. :whistling:

Here ya go, confirmed.

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