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Season Two Arrived This Morning!

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Guest Cookyman
Cookyman, have you checked the status of your order at Amazon. Some while ago I ordered a couple of books (one of them the latest Terry Pratchett[1]) and everybody else has got theirs, but not me. When I checked I saw that I had requested both to be delivered together, and the second book isn't published yet. So last night I changed that to "send separately" and got an email back to say it should be delivered on Mon/Tues. Maybe this is why your MM DVDs haven't arrived?

Or maybe Royal Mail have lost their map and can't remember where Scotland is.  :cry:

[1] "Going Postal" - appropriate?

It was despatched on the 29th but I am getting it delivered to my work a School so It better be there on Monday or I really will start to worry.


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