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Millennium Music List

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Does anyone have a list of the music used in Millennium? Not the Mark Snow compositions, but all the other songs used, such as:

America's "Horse With No Name"

Patti Smith's "Land of Thousand Horses"

Wagner's Prelude to Parsifal

Paul Mauriat's "Love is Blue"

To name just a few...  

I am putting together a collection and want to ensure I have as many as possible. If one has been produced, please let me know. 

Many thanks...




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I know I don't, but it's possible Libby has a list.  Otherwise, you'd have to go through each individual episode's credits and look off to the left for the music in that episode.  Here's the link to the main page that has a section about MLM music ~


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Follow the link that Earthnut has posted and hover your cursor on "Music Guide". The drop-down list has links to each season, which will give details of all the music in that season.


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Although all that I did was just to give a bit more detail of how to find the music lists, it had the effect of reminding me of all the various styles of music in the show. The changing seasons were somewhat problematic, but that did allow a variety of music which most shows couldn’t do. (Of course, there was continuity provided by Mark Snow.)

Good luck on finding the rest of the tracks, Whisperer. Now I think a bit more about it, the complete collection will make a heck of a play list.

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Hi @The Whisperer

The links posted above are very outdated. Here's a link direct to our Millennium Music Guide (or just click Music from the main site's nav menu), it's the most up to date and accurate list:


Sorry to hear you're having problems. I received your email and replied at the time but didn't receive a response, so assumed you were able to log in okay. If there's any specific error message or details, please create a support ticket and let me know more. It might be a local country ISP thing. At the time I initially assumed Thailand/Singapore were (sadly) blocked by our Cloudflare and server firewalls due to constant hack attempts, but when I checked, they were not listed. I did have to block Tor, it's used a lot by human spammers.

All the best.

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