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A Meteor Is Coming And We're All Going To Die

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The Old Man

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I was a member of the Royal Observer Corps for a while (waaaay back). The younger recruits like me worked in the above ground control rooms - if you've ever seen War World II films of Air Force or Navy personnel pushing little models around on a large map table - it was a lot like that (especially as everything, including the uniforms, were RAF cast-offs). I did visit one of the underground bunkers - incredibly small and claustrophobic, with room for only two people. It was eerie enough being in the control centre which had a single solid metal door, very heavy, about a couple of feet thick.

The above-ground control centre was, of course, noticeable, but only if you knew where to look. The underground one was in a field out in the countryside and really just looked like a manhole cover, next to the above-ground instruments which looked like a weather station. There was a rather narrow vertical access, going quite some way down, and the cover would have to be closed and locked during an exercise, which could sometimes last most of a weekend.

I don't think I'd want to revisit either of these, but they're probably worth a look just to experience what they were like to work in.

Oh, I've just remembered - when we joined the Observer Corps we had to sign the Official Secrets Act, so I probably shouldn't have told you anything. :smokin: Never mind, there's little I can remember anyway, including the name of a fellow recruit who I actually dated a few times! :rofl:

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I reckon Project Echelon has aready picked up, scanned and emailed this topic to some Black Ops unit! We're doomed! :ghostface:

Excuse my ignorance but, what is "Project Echelon"?

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LOL! I forget where it is exactly but I recall some photo's in a PC magaine I have somewhere. Its in the UK and looks like a load of giant white golf balls, said to be run by the US or something. Apparently it scans for certain keywords and falgs them for humans to look at in more depth. I recall it covers telephone calls and the internet etc. I've said too much, a helo is buzzing my roof! So long suckers!

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Never watch Alias ?

I tried, but I found if I missed a couple of episodes I was struggling to follow the plot. It was good to see Terry O'Quinn in the show.

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