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Guest Laurent.
I have just begun to learn about Islam's various "end time" beliefs, and how Iran is trying to make it happen so to speak. It's frightening stuff.

Forcing the end...

The scary thing is that in today's world, any organization with enough money, will and follower (or just a lot of any) could actually force the end. The technology to bring the end time upon us has never been so accessible, with nuclear weapons and biological warfare becoming easier to produce as science advances. Yet, while we create technology to prevent those things from happening, we, by definition, help the development of new weapons.

A good example of this:

The other day, one one of my professor (I study physic in Quebec) began talking about how one of his colleague who's working at the "local" military base was creating a device that holds about a hundred time the total power of the Province's electrical system. A sharp laser impulsion, conducted by an electric "tunnel" would be used to disarm missiles that could be even a few kilometers away; and all this power is stored in a little box that can be carried by a small vehicle. The thing is that he never dared to explain what this power could lead to if used on human (death, obviously), even though it's precise enough to target a single individual in a crowd.

I know it's not close to being a "apocalypse-bringer" type of weapon. I was just shocked by how few people realized what this could lead to. Maybe I watched to much X-Files and Millennium...

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