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Fox's Gun

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Anyone know what kind of gun Fox Mulder uses?

Is there a website as complex as Brian Dixons MM regarding X-files


There used to be one run by a guy out of Australia, I believe. I don't think

it's active anymore. I have those trade paperback ep guides at home, I'll check

in there for clarification, but I just browsed the internets and a few folks mention that it was a Sig P226. I know Skinner used a Sig Sauer, at least for awhile.

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I've been looking for some of the X-Files sites that used to be out there, but most seem to have disappeared. I did look on Google groups because I know this is a question that came up from time to time on alt.tv.x-files. One poster said this:


1st couple of episodes: Beretta 92 [9mm]

rest of 1st season: Glock 17 [9mm]

2nd season: SIG-Sauer P226 [9mm]

3rd season: S&W stainless something [almost anything, possibly .40S&W]

4th season: SIG-Sauer P226 (maybe P229, I haven't freeze-framed lately) [P226=9mm, P229=9mm, .40S&W, .357SIG]

ankle holster: sure looked like a Walther PPK, some speculation on that it was a Russian Makarov, but it looked a little too small for that. [most likely .380]


1st couple of episodes: some really LITTLE gun [.25 or .32]

1st season: looked like a SIG-Sauer P230 [.380]

2nd season: SIG-Sauer P228 [9mm]

3rd season: S&W stainless something [see above]

4th season: SIG-Sauer P228 [9mm]


According to The X-Files Guide, it says that the S&W's are 1006's that

shoot 9mm rounds. Well, the 100x line of S&W's shot 10mm rounds.


Since I know absolutely nothing about guns beyond which end is which, I have no idea whether this is helpful.

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Another poster in the same thread posted this (back in 1997):

The FBI issues 3 different handguns.The sig sauer p226 9mm pistol, the sig p220 45 caliber pistol, and the smith and wesson model 1076 10mm pistol.The agent has the option of purchasing a 9mm glock if he or she so chooses.


That's just reminded me: there's a commentary or something on one of the XF DVDs which mentions the need for safety on the set when using gun even if it's set to fire only blanks. I think I'd had the impression that the "blanks" were just "caps" (as they were called in the UK many, many years ago when I was young!). Just percussive, rather than also an projectile. Those toy guns back then seemed to have a narrow tape with small dots of some material, that got threaded through the "gun" as part of the mechanism, similar to a gun cartridge, and when the hammer fell on one of those patches, there was just the sound of a (rather pathetic) "bang!". Nothing came out of the barrel at all. Is this not how film set guns work?

(Actually, not only do I not know anything about real guns, I don't know much about toy guns either, being a child at the time when toy guns weren't for girlies. Nor train sets, nor Mecanno, nor chemistry sets, nor .... wanders off, grumbling at missing out on all the fun stuff... :cry: )

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