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Millennium Failure

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Guest Forza

What upsets me about MilleniuM's premature cancellation is that it was an excellent series entirely worthy of continuation and support.

It is unfortunate that those of us who now frequent these message boards (i.e., die hard "MilleniuM fans") represented statistical insignificance in terms of network ratings; alas, a devoted but tiny fanbase proved insufficient in overcoming the fickle, force-fed tastes of the majority.  Indeed, the scuttling of MilleniuM serves as a modern warning against the "mob rule" mentality.

It is unfortunate that while "The X-Files" clearly overstayed its welcome, "MilleniuM" was given short shrift.  As a result, however, MilleniuM's three seasons stand as a towering "unfinished" work of art, comparable to Schubert's or Bruckner's "unfinished" symphonies.  In the end, MilleniuM leaves us yearning for more, and its premature series finale is rendered all the more poignant.

This is who we are!!! :Ouro_Large:

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Guest Justa Fan

Lots of good comments on this topic.

Why did Millennium Fail?

I think it boils down to personalities and money.

The net is full of stories about Chris Carter's problems

with the Fox network execs.  Was someone showing

Mr. Carter what it feels like to have a failure?

I don't think Millennium was ever supported like it should

have been by Fox.  The marketing was half-hearted and

the top execs felt like it was a dead turkey before it even


Now, this IS Chris Carter's baby we're talking about.

He and a few other production companies MADE Fox.

People at the top changed and CC was not getting along

with them.  Sadly, the franchise that had to be protected

was The X-Files.  To this very day CC is protecting The

X-Files franchise (see what kind of marketing Fox throws

into X-Files 2 The Movie!!)

You gotta give 1013 credit...I think they really tried but

were ultimately stabbed in the back by "the suits" and

by "the bean counters."  Fox killed Millennium, not the

viewing audience.

We don't even want to think about what happened to

"Harsh Realm."


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Guest Pencil Machine Operator

Just as a sidenote: has anyone downloaded the "teasers" from MDUK? No offense to Graham (who runs the site), but they show exactly what was wrong with the marketing of Millenium. These teasers were obviously aimed at a bloodthirsty teenage market (the kind of people who would record The X Files and skip the dialogue). And so obviously the intelligent (God I hope I spelled that right) tv viewers , ie prosective millenium fans (intelligent people that we are!) would be turned off what looks like a schlock-horror splatterfest; while simultaneously, the bloodthirsty teens would be disappointed to find that MM wasnt the schlock-horror splatterfest it was billed as... (if you dont know what im talking about, download the teaser for Gehenna, it'll only take a minute or two).


I'm in ireland, so I didnt see the teasers first-hand, but I remember MM's debut over here. The hype was shameful..."you'll see things you wouldnt imagine even in you're worst nightmares!!! You're gonna need a good cushion: You'll be hiding behind it for the next hour!!!" and so on...

people tuned in expecting to be shocked out of their pants; oh they were probably disturbed all right, but not in the way they wanted.

They wanted  :arghhh-big:  :ghostface:  but they got  :devil01: ,  :thinking_big: and :crying_big:

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.........AH,AL BUNDY. as i risk losing erin's,and who knows who else's respect,i have to go record as saying that i absolutely loooooooooooooooooove married with children. i did not start watching until S4 but later caught up in the reruns. in it's prime,88-95, no other sitcom skewered the married life better than this show and it's poor downtrodden antihero: AL BUNDY.

     ......I FEEL FOR YA AL!!! -(my wife,of course,DESPISES it :plain_big: )-

                                         ~"....love and marriage..."

                                                      se7en :ouro:

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Guest Shereen

I think that Millennium could be tough to watch because it took a lot of thought...it was quite deep.  This won't work in the jiggly-wiggly "how stupid are they and will they f***?" TV out there now.

I think another problem could have been the time slot.  At 8 pm central, where I was, it was on fairly early in the evening.  I had two little babies..had they been older, I would not have been able to watch the show because it would have scared them shitless.  Man, I remember watching the reruns at midnight Central time on Fx...and I was scared shitless a couple of times...


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Guest brokenmn99
I have never asked myself the question, why did I like the show. I only knew that it held me captive on Friday nights. I remember after the third season thinking, when is the new season ever going to start? I was bummed when I checked Fox's website to find out the show had been cancelled. I think I missed one episode over the three seasons. I wish it could make a comeback. I also think it would blow the X-Files movie out of the water if they made a MM movie.
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