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Song At The Beginning Of Skull And Bones

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Guest tamarisk

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On 6/25/2023 at 4:57 PM, The Old Man said:

I may be onto something with regards to this unidentified track used at the very beginning of Skull and Bones. 


According to an image taken from the script of this episode that I found on EBay, the music is by Márta Sebestyén who is a Hungarian traditional folk vocalist, composer and actress. Apparently she is a national treasure in Hungary. Her music gained notoriety with the film The English Patient.



The spelling in the script is slightly off, it refers to Marta Sebestyan’s “Muzikas”. 


I haven’t found the track though heard or remixed in Millennium. They seem very unlikely to be connected but perhaps they changed the music from what was in the original script.

Interestingly though, I discovered from her discography that she has partnered with occasional bands such as electronic music legends Deep Forest (2 well loved tracks available on YouTube) and also a band named Muzikas. 

I can’t hear her voice in that scene at all.



Does it mention a draft? (Usually by color?)

It may not be the script ultimately used. Also, unlike in theatre, TV scripts aren't treated as gospel, i.e., unchangeable. (In theatre, the writer's words are honored and hallowed, almost.)

Part of the reason is the turnover is so fast, and not everything called for in the script may be available (music, props, even locations, etc.) so the director or others involved in the production may make modifications to get the episode delivered on time. Sometimes, the writer is around to officially make the changes, sometimes, not really.

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Hi Gotham,

No sorry, it was just that image that I posted, no front cover or anything else visible. I suddenly had a thought, I may actually have that script, but I did a search of my email and the one I was thinking about was Sacrament. I found an email that reminded me I received a huge box of Lance H *things a long time ago and the e-mail mentioned there being 3 MLM scripts inside, so I’ll have to have a look through it and see what’s there.

Thanks for the information, really interesting. You seem to be very well versed in the field of TV script writing! If you are really Chris Cater or Chip J, I promise I won’t tell!

* Had to double check that should read ‘things’ and not ‘thongs’!

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On 7/16/2023 at 6:08 AM, Gotham Gal said:

From the man himself?

No, definitely not from Mr Henriksen, it was from a very kind and generous LH fan. I remember the shipping cost was horrendous, I had to reimburse them as the stuff was offered free.

No, you must be joking! I’ve never had any contact, support, acknowledgment or anything from Mr H, even after taking over and rebuilding the Lance Henriksen Magic website (content was eventually imported into these forums), except suspiciously from the later B2FB campaign telling me what I could publish and couldn’t supposedly ‘on his behalf’, which he probably knew nothing about. I’ll let you determine my thoughts and response at the time. However, the past is the past, the Millennium cold war is over but the cost of that civil war to the Millennium fan community sadly irreparable. It’s one of several reasons I’ve never been keen to revisit that box.

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