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Goodbye To All That/motc

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As most of you would agree, Midnight of the Century was one of the better MillenniuM episodes. However, once again, as i seemed destined to do, i think i may have stumbled upon a discrep between MOTC and Goodbye to all That. At the end of Goodbye..as Frank is thumbing thru the folder that Peter left him on the dash of his Jeep, under the General section at the bottom of the dossier it claims that Frank was born to Henry and Linda Black on July 21, 1947, yet in Midnight of the Century, wasn't the date at the bottom of the angel that Frank drew with his mother dated December 24th, 1946? Don't see how he could be drawing angels when he wasn't even born yet!!...

Also..concerning the ending of scene of Goodbye to all That, as Frank and Jordan drive off to some unknown destination, as the camera pans back and we see the Jeep takes its final turn, i have to admit that, what with the bright colors of the fields ahead of them, the single beam of light shining down from behind darkened clouds, and the radiant glow of the sun, though hidden behind said clouds, tends to give me an impression of "Wizard of Oz"...Yellow Brick Road stuff.....but then again, i have been known to suffer from dementia :helpme: ...just ask Gunslinger or Ethsnafu....LOL...

anybody get the same impression?

4th Horseman...

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My friend (demented or otherwise),

You are a virtual repository of caveats, goofs and nitpicks. What you say is true, not only is the dating incongruent but according to 'Midnight' Frank was five years old at the time of the drawing. Additionally given that Linda Black died on the Christmas Eve 1946 it is somewhat of an X-File to think that she was still giving birth a year later. On the subject of his dubious birthdate the Millennium Timeline states..."1941: Frank Black is born to Henry and Linda Black. Frank inherits a strange intuitive gift from his mother. (Midnight of the Century) It should be noted that Walkabout and Goodbye to All suggest that Frank was born in 1947. This is obviously not possible because his mother died in 1946." Methinks in the scheme of things that most people will agree that 1947 is 'the truth' as it was the first date offered and more likely it was Midnight that strayed from the established facts being part of the Morgan and Wong penned season. As for munchkins, yellow brick roads and other rainbow inspired set pieces - it wouldn't be the first time such a device was used, 19:19 pays homage to The Wizard Of Oz on more than one occassion.


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Good catch, Horseman!

I do recall having the thought go through my head, while watching different episodes, such as MOTC, and remembering a date stated earlier in the series, (did not remember it was Walkabout), that I was thinking.... "Something seems wrong about that date." I just never took the time to go through the diffent episodes and dig up the info again.

And, yes, I quite liked the "Oz" like ending in Goodbye to All That. :angel2:

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Guest Mr Noir

Just to answer the question about Frank's Birthday. In MOTC is mentioned his mother died in 1946. So it's impossible that Frank was born in 1947.

In "Goodbye to all that" we see Frank's file of the MM group.

That's an interesting mistake by the scriptwriters.

But here's a screenshot.


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