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Millennium type movies

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If you lean more towards an "apocalypse of our own making", 12 Monkeys has a nice vibe to it especially from the vantage of point of experiencing a future and struggling against it's undercurrents to change it. Nothing like maintaining your upbeatness in a sanitarium.
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You guys should check out equilibrium with Christian Bale. Its about the world after world war 3 and everyone is made to take medication so they have no feelings anymore. They have men called clerics that go around and destroy books and other things from the past to erase human hate and feelings but they teach them to gun fight thats kind of like kung fu gun fighting. Where they dodge bullets while at the same time maximise their hitting percentage. It was a lot like matrix.
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Equilibrium is a good movie.   I don't know if there are many Millennium type movies coming up.    Probably the one that might qualify is the upcoming IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE and maybe CODE 46.  

As for millennium-type movies, THE ORDER is one.    a RESIDENT EVIL sequel is coming out next year.   NEMESIS GAME is a Millennium-type movie (I have a review of it on my ENTERLINE MEDIA site).    An Exorcist prequel is coming out soon (as soon as the producers stop messing with it...uh, I mean...do reshoots after firing the person who directed it).     HIGHWAYMEN is coming out in December.  it's about a serial killer killing people with his car.    DOUBLE VISION is Millennium-type movie.   Have a better one.

Be Seeing You,

David Blackwell

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