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Fox is conducting an internet poll to see which of it shows people would like to see released on DVD.  And MLM is one of the highest scoring shows!!!  When I did the poll: MLM had over 18%; Lone Gunmen is also up there with over 14%;  Unfortunately Harsh Realm only has over 4%.

Make you votes count at:


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Well, someone sent it to me from a Harsh Realm email list that I am on.  When I clicked on the link from the email that I recieved it in, it did indeed pop up another screen.  I am not sure if that is what you meant.  Hope it helps.  You could also just try going to the Fox official site and try to find the survey that way.


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Guest Xircuits
The answer I want to know is if we can vote more than once and will it count? I wonder if FOX even knows how the Online MillenniuM Community still thrive even after the series was cancelled. If only they knew...then they probably wouldn't have these polls. They would just release the the DVDs.
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I just cast my MillenniuM, Lone Gunmen, Harsh Realm vote, and threw in The Simpsons and The Pretender, just to make it be a top "5", like they asked for.  Oddly enough, when I was just there, The Lone Gunmen, was BEATING MillenniuM at 16% of the votes and MM only had a little over 10! :crying_big:

Maybe I can vote more than once.


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