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Ok, one last quandry then I'm off to bed.

Is there still enough of a market for MillenniuM fanfic that I (and others) should try keep writing. I've written a few stories, none I've ever really shared with anyone except one friend of mine who hardly knows MM from, um, some other show she didn't watch (I tried to convert her, but...)

But in reality I have at least double the number of stories and plotbunnies in my head. I'm one of those writers who finds it hard to sit down and write after it's been 'crafted' in my head. Maybe I should get a daughter to write what I dictate... (Milton joke, sorry).

But, cynical me, sometimes I have to ask myself what I'm doing wasting my time, not with writing itself but with writing with copywritten characters of a TV show that hasn't played here for over a year. I love MM and always will even if I don't want to, but I guess a bit of me is telling me to get past my affinity, not just for MM but television. It's one of those things I'm actually embarassed about sometimes; like anyone (save that one friend) seeing my collection of tv i've taped, knowing I write ffiction, etc.

And it's not only MM either. I only have one or two XF stories rattling around in my brain (which should be full of art, dammit), but I have several HR stories there. I think if I get all these down, plus the ones I have at home, and the two I've written since I've been here ('here' = college), I'll have more fiction than episodes of the series.

It's one of those things I start to think about when I'm up at all hours of the night online (cause I'm not all that impressed with college - different story) searching for, say MM sounds, as I was maybe 2 months ago. And nearly every site I came across hadn't been updated since 1998 or all the links were dead and sounds and videos gone. Don't get me wrong, there are still sites out there, I think I have a list a page long, but....

And I suppose I will write my stories, which I've honestly been putting off for years, just to make me happy. But outside those in groups like this, how many actually look for new MM or HR fic? (and where, oh where, would I put them?)

Natalie, sorry she types so damn much, and is so damn melancholic.

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Guest LauraKrycek
Well, you could always post it here, as I know that I enjoyed reading Erin posted her story, and I think some other people like to read when they have a few extra minutes, too.  And I was going to suggest something similar to what voidprime said -- you could always save the stories, and then sometime in the future make it into your own series.  I've got a ton of MM ep plots up in the ol' noggin, just waiting for the right moment.  I've got to write for my own show someday, and then they'll all come out.  My junior year of high school, this girl Michele and I planned out a whole channel that we'd make together someday, with all our favorite non-realistic shows, Sat. afternoon movies, etc.  It'd be great, if we ever actually did it, b\c we had all the best stuff.  But making a few of our own shows like that was one of the things.
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I enjoyed reading Erin posted her story

:thankx-big:  :plain_big:

I was going to say the same thing...we'd be honered if you'd post your stories here!  Millennium, X Files, OR Harsh Realm.  Selfosophy Psycho did a Harsh Realm story here, so why not?

As for other sites...Yes, I've noticed they are few and far between.  I have one...that I'd love you to visit... and it's a constant work in progress.  I've been adding to it for almost a year.  Just CLICK HERE FOR "RAVEN WOLF"!

Keep posting...it's great getting to know you!

~Raven Wolf :xmas_ouro:

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