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IWTB transcript

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Brilliant stuff Libby,

I truly do not know how you have the patience to transcribe a feature film. Half an our, max, is my attention span for anything, you must have the patience of a saint. What a lovely day to share this with the board, a great Birthday gift for all.

Best wishes,




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Libby, once again you have donated so much of your time, energy and skills to the 1013 community, thank you very much indeed. :wiggle:

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Guest Laurent.

I'm sorry Eth, but I had to reply to this:

Half an our, max, is my attention span for anything...

How do you manage to watch a movie then? or even a tv episode?

Just joking Eth! But I'm sure we can't even estimate the time we'd need to transcribe all that Libby has managed to do. Since I've used the transcript a lot during the years, I hope everyone appreciates the work done like I do.

Thank you Libby!


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