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The Monster Next Door

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"What kind of man was this?" wondered Regina Woodland, who lives about two blocks away. "He couldn't have been human."


It does have a ring of Millennium about doesn't it? I also had a shudder when read about his proximity to the factory that makes 'head cheese' which is one of the products you assume Leatherface and his clan were producing from human flesh in A Texas Chainsaw (myself and Laura were talking about this only the other day).

I can't find the words for this, and rarely can, and I worry how immune we are becoming to such revolting individuals. It seems rarely a days goes by when some story of this kind makes the news. Sometimes I believe Lara Means was right, something is changing and there are only a matter of days left.

When all is said and done my heart goes out to those families whose loved ones endured such suffering at this creatures hands. Their own suffering is only just beginning.


PS Did anyone else pick up on the line from one of the neighbours in which she proclaimed that she didn't think he was 'that sick' which to my mind implied that she thought he was 'a little bit sick'.

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Mark you are so right... It does seem like we are becoming almost immune to this level of inhumanity and barbarism. I am not sure what is worse, this or the inference that we should ignore our instincts, that it is not kind or politically correct or something to stay away from someone who gives you the creeps. She thought he was a little sick seems certain, but yet I am guessing she would have felt uncomfortable suggesting a connection between him and the smell of rotting flesh.

It is terrible what he did. I cannot imagine living in that house for as long as he did with it full of human remains. I think I am going to be sick.

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One of my student's father went to high school with this guy and says everyone knew he was nuts.

That's precisely the feeling I got from reading some of the reports Roo. No one actually said as much but like the lady above there were lots of "well we knew he was insane but not that insane" type of thing.

A horrible case when all said and done.


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