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50 Original Casting Choices


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I'm guessing we wouldn't be see reticent had we never seen the performances we have grown to love. If Tom Selleck had played Indiana instead of Harrison Ford we'd probably be bemoaning any suggestion of a change there as well. One performance I wouldn't have minded seeing would be Warren Beatty as ‘Bill’ in "Kill Bill". Warren is such a great actor he can turn his hand to pretty much anything IMHO. Now see if you can help me out because my mind is mush at the moment. I know Lance was only ever the real option Carter was considering for Frank but Fox did line up another actor for the role although this was never approached with much seriousness. Can anyone remind me of who that was as his name escapes me at present.




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If Tom Selleck had played Indiana instead of Harrison Ford we'd never have seen a second movie. He's a good actor, but he just wouldn't have sold that part.

Warren Beatty, yes, he can play any part.

I wasn't even aware of another actor for the part of Frank. Wow, look forward to finding out who it is.


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