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More than 1,000 dead birds fall from sky in Arkansas

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Guest Mikal C Johnson  KtCym ECA

The bee deaths have been solved. Not surprisingly, they're being killed by industrial pesticides used in farming.

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Guest Charger

This indeed is very interesting...what ever the cause may be...

One thing I know for sure it ain't is fireworks...that is just ludicrous...if that would cause birds to die like that we'd be reading about it every single year all over the world...total bs. I can't imagine they expect reasonable people to believe that.

Chemical agent of some sort, might be a good possibility.

But then there are the fish...

This is really strange from start to finish...it does have that "end of the world" feel to it doesn't it...? :demon:

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This is a question to start thinking about it...we're living strange times. Climatic global change, loss of spiritual values.

My first thought is to be an sceptic one, but when I read this kind of curious news I must to confess that I am fearful sometimes.

I need more dates in the future to build my own theory. Just like Frank, I prefer to watch being careful and prudent before to affirm a sentence.But I think it is a worrying thing by now.

Time ago I wrote a post about the HAARP project. It was a nice discussion here about this. We were talking among a lot of things about the impact in the weather and fauna. Finally we have something that might be related?

All we are Shepherds


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Indeed we are. Something interested was posited elsewhere that I thought worthy of interest. Someone suggested that what are seeing could be the experimental stage of the holy grail of biological weapons - DNA specific pathogens. At present, if we create a pathogen we have no way of targeting specific groups which always runs the risk of the outbreak running out of control but imagine, if you will, if Russians had had access to a pathogen that would only effect people with a DNA strand common to citizens of the USA back in the cold war or if the Nazis had only had had access to a pathogen that could be targeted to those of Jewish descent. It doesn't bear thinking about does it? What if the recent mysterious single-species deaths are the result of advances in such weapons programs?

I know it's all tinfoil hat stuff but it does make you wonder.

It's easy to become hysterical isn't it but news is in that thousands of turtle doves have now rained down dead from the skies in Italy. I think scientists need to become a little more radical in their thinking than 'fireworks' now and an explanation needs to be found quite quickly.



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Good Lord it is definitely worse than I realised. I think we can now safely toss the fireworks nonsense out of the window [the scientists that suggested that really ought to have their competency questioned methinks because it was preposterous from the off] and I hope that scientists across the globe will coalesce in order to uncover exactly what is going on. Here's another great article detailing the incidents that have been occurring across the globe.



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