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Guest Sister123


I'm new here, delighted to find this site.

When Millenium was on TV, I wasn't able to watch it consistently so I recently went thru my own little Millenium festival by watching all three seasons. Now that I found this site, I think I'll go through them again with all the comments available.

Problem is, one thing I really wanted to see wasn't there. Maybe it wasn't part of the series, but I remember a program with Frank Black and there was a girl who, I think, was dying. He was there with her and not really trying to save her, just waiting with her. It was a very intense scene, with VERY intense music. It seemed to take place in a cabin or something like that. I really want to see that. does anyone know what I'm talking about?I was busy when it was on, so I couldn't watch it. I hope I'm remembering it correctly.


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Hi, Sister - welcome to the board.

I think the episode you're thinking about is the season 2 finale "The Time is Now". In that episode, Lara Means has apocalyptic visions (the music was a Patti Smith song). Frank rescues her and later visits her in hospital where she's in a catatonic state.

Here's the episode synopsis, which might be helpful:



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Welcome to the group, "Sister". Yes, I was thinking of "The Time Is Now" also. I just don't understand why you haven't been able to find it, if you got all 3 seasons. This episode is right at the end of Season 2.

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Welcome to our home away from home. Hope we get to chat with you often.

"The Time Is Now" would be my first guess, but also, in "Borrowed Time" Frank is in the hospital with Jordan, which was a very intense scene and I would have to watch it again or look at my CDs for the music. If you remember a cabin and Frank helplessly waiting for someone to die, then "The Time Is Now" would be it, and it would be Frank and his wife Catherine, who was dying. Their daughter, Jordan, was there as well, but they injected her with the antidote that Lara Means gave them that was for her.


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