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Hi Millennium freaks! haha. I leave U a very small clip that I did. Each time I saw a begining of an episode with the quotes, I remembered an intro of a song and thought "it would be great for this show". So, I did something with it. Here it is.

the link in youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmIYK_99m9I&feature=em-upload_owner

or if U want to see it in better quality, here is the link to download it. It does it in about 5 minutes.


(hurry because it only for a few days)


Hope U all had a great 2015 and a better 2016.


aLejandro (Frank Jr)

ps1: get Well soon Darlene!!!

ps2: have you all noticed the homage that Millennium did to the movie "The Omen" in that episode that Lucy Buttler is a nanny? Funny thing is Lance worked in "The Omen 2"



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thanks seethru! The episode is "Exegesis" and the audio is from the last part when Frank is talking to Hollis and then he bought a butterfly for Jordan. The episode ends with Lance´s voice, Frank playing with Jordan and if I don´t recall badly, the little girl that was left with the old woman (who was kind of an oracle, or something...don´t know the right world...that the government use to spy...) taking an airplane.

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      After Season 2 knocked off with Frank Black's hair shot Moses white, I was eager to see a S3 Frank in some strange space, but instead we got these close-cut brown strands... But as the season progressed we saw him shed the pretense.  Alas, after the trauma, his hair was dyed, and in the stress he just gave up trying to maintain its color.
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      Frank Black spotted in New York.
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