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Deadly Bird Flu

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Darth Paul

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It's an interesting piece - but in my view as dangerous as predicting that the avian flu will turn into a global pandemic at one point.

I suppose that scientists to a certain degree really are able to predict the development of a virus, but nature likes to throw in a mutation or two once in a while ...


For the curious, a relatively short write-up about the 1918 influenza pandemic:


I don't necessarily think we're going to see upwards of 500,000 deaths,

but one never knows. It might never amount to more than a few isolated cases here and there or it might blow up. It's something that I personally never give much thought to in a practical, everyday sense. I try to keep up with the newest info because it's interesting to me, the science of it all.

Hey disease, just hold off until after June 14th, heh.

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Good point. I'd hate to have called off sick from work, started my marathon viewing session, then, you know, actually get sick.

*coughs up blood*

Boy, these DVDs are so realistic!  :bigsmile:


With age comes a little wisdom but mostly aches and pains... :rofl::notworthy::roedecker:

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Global out here in BC is having a mini series on this Virus. I watched it yesterday and there is only one way to beat this virus outbreak. :goodnight:

We are %#@%@ if Asia does not do something to change their growing need to eat weird things without cleaning everything first :boody:

Just my thoughts.

Ps. Sorry if I offend anyone!


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