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Heres A Challenge

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I got this idea while reading James Pattersons website, he had a resume/background info on Alex Cross. I challenge one of you guys to come up with a Frank Black resume, it has to include education.....10yrs of experience and so forth. I only know so much about his character like his time with Seattle PD....FBI and MM group. I am sure someone here can put together a accurate descript resume.

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This sounds like an interesting challenge, Joe. There are lots of bits of information throughout the series, and mentioned in The X Files "Millennium" episode, pertaining to his credentials....and I've often thought how cool it would be to compile it in such a way....I just don't know a proper format for doing so.

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And first of all, there's the question of his date of birth. I'm not sure whether anyone has figured that out yet, but here's a starting point:

From Midnight of the Century we learn that Frank was 5 years old by Christmas 1946, and from Luminary we learn that he's a Scorpio.

Then there are the rules for joining the FBI. I'm not sure, but I think it's always been the case that candidates have to have a degree of some sort. Frank could have gone to university straight from school, or he could have gone to university later if he had been in the armed forces as I think that's another route available in the USA (but I could be woefully wrong about that!).

Incidentally, we also learn Catherine's birth year in Luminary. She was born in 1963, so there's a twenty year gap or so between their birth years. That would give some clue as to when they married.

I hope someone takes up this challenge. Of course, it would probably help if all the transcripts were available, so I'd better get back to work ...

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