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Hi, people. I downloaded a couple of Scrips from Abyss (i think): Beware of the dogs and Sense-Antisense. I'm trying to complete my all MM scripts and then read them for understanding certain events from real life and MM of course.

I'm reading the first one and i should tell you that i'm fascinated. I watch this EP in 1998. I don't have this EP in VHS, so i'm using my imagination trying to remember the scenes.

I'll appreciate any kind of help because in abyss some scripts don't exist.


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I see from the number of views of this thread that there's a bit of interest in the subject, so as the "guilty party" I ought to respond. (But just to make clear - what you're looking at on the Abyss site are transcripts rather than scripts.)

A number of people in the past provided transcripts but, as you say, there are still some to do. And that's what I've been sloooowly doing over the last several months. Trouble is, life gets in the way, but anyway I'll give an explanation and update.

The transcripts do take time to produce - the dialogue isn't too difficult to do as I recently discovered a couple of useful bits of software - one will make a .wav file and the other is transcription software such as secretaries use. (I'm a secretary, so using this transcription software makes the process much easier for me.)

Then I go through the episode again and add scene descriptions. This is the most time-consuming bit because the end result should enable people who've never seen the episode or saw it some time ago to "get the picture". And, of course, MM is a very visual show.

Then I send the transcripts to Dix, the owner of The Abyss, who goes through them and edits them as he thinks necessary.

I know Dix is very busy. I'm also very busy at the moment - working long days and often a six-day week. I've got a further six transcripts in the pipeline - all the dialogue, but I've not yet done the scene descriptions. These are the last four of season 2 and the first two of season 3.

So, that's the situation at the moment. I'd love to make faster progress than I've done so far, but life keeps getting in the way!!! :cry:

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Well, as you said I'm looking for transcript (no scripts) You're write.

I'm glad to hearing from you. I understand you're too busy. It's Ok. I'll be patient and i really want to say Thank You


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Hey, I may not have the ability to do transcrips, but, is there any way I can help out with this, Lucas? I know those 2 episodes very well, since I'm realy "into" both of them, so, if there's a way I can "shed some light", I'll be glad to try!

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