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Frank's jacket(s) FOUND

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Guest Watts

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The Old Man said:
Congratulations Jared! Hemming the sleeves too, is there no end to your talents and observational skills?

You look rather scary and mean looking in those pictures! Like you've investigated some really horrible crime scenes!

No, I was just at work. :wink:

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Wanted to bump this thread just to say thanks for all the research done here. I've wondered for years what kind of jacket Frank wore and this is really the right step. Thanks to all involved.

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Guest Watts

I cleaned out my Photobucket account so all of those pictures are long gone I'm afraid.

I'll see if I can dig some up somewhere or re-photograph my season 3 Banana Republic jacket.

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  • Elders (Admins)

Hi Jared,

Did you know that we have a dedicated category in the Gallery called Millennium Collectibles?

Feel free to create an album say for jackets or anything else and upload your images or media into it.

This goes for anyone else too, you can link to your images and albums in your posts, blogs and externally from other sites!



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Guest frankblack13

I want one of those Frank Black jackets but they have to be either a women's plus size men's 2x or 3x and they can't have any down in them because of my allergies. Please let me know if you can find one, thanks. 

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