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Update On The Auction

Guest Sue Myatt

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Guest Sue Myatt

Hi guys

The first of Millennium Season 2 scripts have now gone up on eBay. They

are available to bid on now, check out the links if you want:









With regard to the charity appeal, the money raised from the sales of

Season 1 scripts will go to support Plan's campaign to stop Child

Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Girls in Nepal.  This money will make

a real difference to childrens' lives and the communities that they live in.

Tens of thousands of girls are trafficked from Nepal to work in the sex trade

and domestic service in India each year. This project aims to tackle the

causes of trafficking as well as provide support to those who have been

affected by it. Plan have told me that the money will have a direct effect on

helping these kids. You can read about Plan's Child Trafficking campaign



Plan are blown away by the money we've raised for them and are very

grateful for our tremendous support. 

Lance is also delighted with how it is all going. He told me recently, "That's great news, I'm proud of you for your commitment, and hard work." He would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported this campaign so far. To show his appreciation he has donated another very special gift for the auction, which I will reveal in due course!


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That's great news, thanks Sue! :ouro:

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Guest Sue Myatt
That's good news to hear. :) ...and to read Lance's thanks.

Interested to know what this special gift for the auction will be!

he's definately keeping his eye on this one! i give him an update every now and then too - but he seems to know how well it is going.

Yeah, the surprise should be interesting. i'll you know as and when.

finally, lance ain't coming to the UK anymore :cry: he's been offered more work (a film i guess) and will be in new zealand and then s africa instead. he was gutted about the decision, it was a tough one for him. but he can't turn down the work. But i support him all the way, i'd much rather see him doing more work than signing photos at an Expo. i still hold out hope that we will see him in the uk in the future though :devil01:

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This is all wonderful news. Thanks for telling us what the money is going to do to help people. I only hope I'm able to find a script that doesn't go above what I have the ability of paying. As we all know...."Millennium" fans are always dead broke! LOL!

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Guest WaveCrest
he's definately keeping his eye on this one!  i give him an update every now and then too - but he seems to know how well it is going. 

So even though you give Lance regular updates on how the auctions are doing he's looking at the auction progress himself anyway? He seems devoted to it.

Edited by WaveCrest
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