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Millennium After The Millennium

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Here's the link to the video at Vimeo ~


If you have RealPlayer, it will download it.  If not, I downloaded it, but I am unable to attach it here, even though it's only 121 MB.  If you want a copy PM me with an email address.  Also, I just uploaded it to Dropbox where you should be able to download it.

Here's the Dropbox link ~ https://www.dropbox.com/s/lmq6lii37g4i7za/Millennium%20after%20the%20Millennium%20-%20Teaser%20Trailer.mp4?dl=0

It states that the file can't be previewed, but there is a download button available.  Hope you all can download it.

It's to big for Box.net unless I purchase the premium service. 


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BEER-----> OK, what's coming soon 2017? Is it a release of new material?


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Downloaded it successfully. Thanks Earthnut. :thumbsup:

It looks good.

I gather that "TLF Productions" is Troy Foreman's company. It seems that the campaign was closed earlier this year, so it's a good idea to move out in a different direction.

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I'll take anything from anyone, as long as it's something about Millennium, including from Troy.  I am thrilled, and who knows, maybe it's going to open the door for a movie, or maybe a TV miniseries.

Here's the image ~

MLM After The MLM Image.jpg

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Here's the Facebook link with the latest ~



Millennium After the Millennium

6 November at 19:09 ·
Have you ever wanted to create your own MILLENNIUM opening credits? Well now here is your chance! The people behind the upcoming documentary MILLENNIUM AFTER THE MILLENNIUM are hosting a competition to create a Millennium style opening credits sequence! The grand prize will have their creation used in the upcoming documentary! You can find all the information here. Good luck!


Registration and Contest Rules - Millennium After The Millennium

MatM is looking for creative individuals to create an amazing video to be used in the documentary for the opening title sequence.


Contest ends midnight, January 31, 2017

IMDb hasn't posted anything new.

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