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UK Lockdown Easing

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This week the lock down began to ease in the UK, at least in England. Each nation is kind of doing its own thing. With the easing of restrictions and a spell hot weather, people immediately flocked to the beaches and social distancing went completely out of the window, despite calls to be sensible the day before. So disappointing to see so many people risking their lives, their children's lives and the the lives of others for a chance to lie on a beach. The seaside resort of Bournemouth actually declared a state of emergency with an estimated half a million people on the beach. 



What truly grinds my ouro's was the way they left so much litter, plastic, rubbish behind, even soiled nappies for heaven's sake. Whisky. Tango, Foxtrot. Have they learnt nothing, watching people for the last few months suffering on ventilators, healthcare workers battling double shifts and putting themselves at risk for others? Totally ashamed once again of the actions of a minority representing the majority And risking the progress and sacrifices made.

Currently looking a lot quieter on the beach...


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That photo looks like it's from Coney Island in the 1950s except for the white house. Very crowded.  I ended up getting a couple of masks from my dentist, but they were NOWHERE to be found for literally months. Ended up using a bandana:) We've had a similar situation here where the states are all doing their own things. Some are downright oppressive. Others are being more sensible: trying to stay safe but open. But we have the BLM protests happening, too, which is definitely not good for flattening the curve. Still, for all the news this weekend about a new surge in the south, like Florida and Texas, it's a bit misleading because most everyone gets tested for Covid before getting any treatment for anything, and a lot of medical checks have been delayed now for months, so...Anyway, these ppl seem to be asymptomatic of Covid even if they do have another problem they're seeking treatment for.

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Thanks for the insight, Gotham, glad you're still doing okay.

The whole mask thing is still a bit weird here at least, it takes some getting used to. Until only a few months ago, the concept of wearing a face covering out in public was unheard of, aside from religious reasons. If you went into a shop wearing one or even a motorcycle helmet, you'd probably be told off or tackled and pinned to the ground before you even got to the counter!

There was a lot of confusing messages about their use and effectiveness at the start of this, and I think a lot of people are still probably confused about whether they are to actually protect the wearer or others, it depending upon the type and grade of mask.

Waiting for the second wave.


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Masks were illegal to wear in public in NYC until this--for good reason. We needed to be able to ID criminals. Now you're a criminal if you don't wear one. A hundred young adults in their 20s went to a party in a nearby county. Eight got Covid and the county wanted to "contact-trace" them. They refused. The county subpoena'd them and they'd faced a $2,000/day fine each if they dodged it. They didn't. The thing was, the people at the party were all aware of the good chance they'd catch the virus and it's doubtful the tracing made any difference. What does matter is that they knew they were positive and needed to stay isolated for 14 days.  (Hopefully they really did.) We've gotta be careful to not only not get the virus, but to not let it turn us into a surveillance state. I think we're having a hard time in figuring out how to do that. 

Glad to hear you're opening up over there! Can't wait for this to end.

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its an I , ME , MINE world full of snowflakes with no grit .  no one told them ' no ' as children so nobody can tell them ' no ' now .   and while the younger generation may survive unscathed , they are passing it to more vulnerable  people .   sad they just don't care . 😢

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