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Howdy All

Guest Kelanth

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Guest Kelanth

Just a quick note this morning, introducing myself.

Hi, my name is Heather and I'm a MM/XF addict.

There, now that I've gotten that out of the way, I can go back to getting ready for work. I will be a bit more forthcoming once I get home. I promise. :alien2:

::edit:: And yes, my avatar is actually of a tattoo on my body. :bigsmile:

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Guest Kelanth


It's all about location. I sat for 2 hours for that sucker and it's at the base of my neck. I couldn't hold my head upright for about a day afterwards. But it was worth every minute. :bigsmile:

Well, now that I've put in my eight hours of pain, a little more about myself:

I have been an XF fan since day one. I still remember the premiere. So naturally, when MM came along, I was all over it, like bees to honey. Having been a long time Lance fan, (since Pumpkinhead) I already thought he was perfect for the role. Maybe I'm a little biased, but hey, who isn't.

I was disappointed with MM ending, but did love the reappearance of Mr. Black in XF. That ep has 2 of my favorite scenes in it. I'll let you all guess which two. :kissing:

And boy did I get lucky. I just happen to be in Best Buy, picking up a copy of Hellboy, on the day that MM season 1 hit DVD. Courtesy of that faithful trip, I rediscovered a long lost friend. And gained a convert in the process. Now I've got my mom hooked. :grin:

Anyway, just to give some quick insight into how my mind works and why I fell in love with MM, I'm also hooked on Law & Order: Criminal Intent and loved the hell out of Collateral. Nothing like carrying on the tradition of blurring the lines between right and wrong, good and evil, and how those things exist in us all. Course, doesn't help that I was raised by a psychologist and was a cop, but it's more fun to blame the media. :ouro:

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Guest canadian girl

Hi there. I too am an XFiles lover who just had to watch Millenium when it premiered. I quickly came to love Millenium much more than the XFiles(although that show is great....just forget about the last few seasons :yes::oneeyedwinK ).

So great to find like-minded people. :bigsmile:

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