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Got two little offerings for you...

19:19 'Sheriff John Cayce' - Probably a nod to 20th Century prophet Edgar Cayce for his end-time predictions. The "Sleeping Prophet" predicted Armageddon will begin in 1999, followed by the new age and Christ's second coming - pretty much 19:19 in a nutshell. Cayce allowed himself some leeway in his end-time prediction, saying the battle could begin in 2001 or 2002 (a wise move considering....)


A Single Blade of Grass 'Daniel Olivaw' - (spotted this one straight away, gives little pat on back to self) In homage to Daneel Olivaw, robot detective of Issac Asimov (bows in reverence.) Dannel is ultimately shown to have manipulated the galaxy in order to create a society that did not need robots and his escapades deal with opression and inequality - fitting analogies for Daniel who meddles with prophecies which in their entirety deal with the destruction of the white man from the west.


I've got a 19:19 and Wizard of Oz thing going off at the moment but more on that when I consolidate it to something more cogent and less like juxtaposed ramble....

Till then,


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grr, stupid internet provider, kicked me off right as i finished my post

1) nice catch on Cayce, eth. Edgar Cayce was the first thing that jumped to mind when i first heard his name in the ep; somehow it escaped my list. i would've never gotten Daniel Olivaw.

2) i'm an idiot; the scottish reference was indeed to Aleister Crowley, so the two theories merge and become one. how convenient

3) i had to search www.babynames.com for a paper about two years ago (my handed down normal and new age (!) baby name books being at home). most of the names on the show are standard Euro-Ameican fare, and thus taken for granted. the name Thomas, for example, was more likely chosen at random or named after a person (friend, character, historical figure (Biblical? i have no recollection of what biblical Thomas did) than given that name b/c it means 'twin'.

in Omerta it's mentioned that Eddie Scarpino's last name/nickname (i can't remember - gasp) means small shoes. but did you ever consider Eddie? i didn't until today, when i searched it. apparently, aside from being a nickname for Edward, Eddie itself means wealthy guardian. i have to wonder if that's on purpose....

- nothing, whose real name says a hell of a lot about a particular thing about me...

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- nothing, whose real name says a hell of a lot about a particular thing about me...

Hmmmm.....??? (wonders what that name might be...) :u_thinking02y:

Raven - like I said it took me several viewings to figure out what Lhasa's name was! It hit me in an instant when the teacher wrote that word on the board, and made perfect sense when he explained what it meant and how that definition was formed.

Well, you're doing better than I was. The first time I saw that episode, and heard those names, I wondered why they named one of them after a kind of dog! :tongue::wtf:


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