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"forcing The End" Authentic Script

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In case anyone is interested, i found the following item today on ebay under Millennium-Entertainment Memorabilia....it appears to be a "perfect condition" script for the episode "Forcing the End"...it is item number 4727767485...opening bid is 24.00 with an option to buy for 49.00....just thought i would pass this on...

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I did that with 'Stargate' thinking it was a 'real' script. All it was .. somebody put on CC and copied it down... even the ad libs which were not part of the original scripts. It could also be a photo copy of those put up for the auction. This is not to say that someone might find them interesting to read [ as I found with the real scripts] just 'buyer beware' point of view. :ouro:

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I just took a look at this and to me it looks real. Its identical to The Curse Of Frank Black script I bought a year or so ago for £100.

These scripts are the ones issues out to cast & crew and don't have the binders etc and that Lance Henriksen kept his in. Whether he provided those himself or whether the Main Cast got theirs in those Binders, I couldn't tell you.

I'd say its a bargain if you want a good collectible, more so if you like that episode.

Nice find!

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