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Millennium In Mad Magazine....

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Guest Anamnesis

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"I`m Dr. Frasier Crane, noted Seattle radio psychiatrist! Is the Mil-lemon-ium Group correct? Are there dark forces afoot here in our au courant city? Is there a segment of the human population dedicated to controlling our lives, perpetrating unspeakable acts on humanity and causing nothing but psychological pain and misery ? One word: Microsoft!"

Greetings all,

I can help you out with this one...

The parody entitled "Mil-lemon-ium" appeared in issue #358 June 1997 which also contains an X-Filed parody entitled "Real Reasons Why The X-Files is Totally Unbelievable." Below is a copy of the cover showing Gillian and David in all their cartoonish glory.

I'm desperate to see the Mad TV sketch as mentioned by The Old Man and have searched far and wide to no avail: can anyone point me in the right direction.

Till then,



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Guest zombieromero

Sounds like an interesting little footnote in Millennium lore. Someone has got to find it!!! I imagine someone somewhere has an old VHS recording with terrible sound and picture, but hell, if thats you then tell us, I'm sure those of us desperate engough to see it would watch.

I feel like I am presenting Crimewatch now lol.

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Guest Anamnesis

Thanks for the info guys!

I have scans of the Millennium Mad Magazine spoof, but I was unaware of the spoof that occurred on the TV show, (although it is hardly suprising)


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