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what is Lucy Butler

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Guest Butler'sMan2000

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Guest messenger

Hello group.This is who we are.!st off,I am not a charter member,( yet),soon I hope,but I had to chirp in on Lucy.We all have a duality of purpose, Jekyll and Hyde type of thing.Here is my thing,the music was just a means to an end,a means of breaking the boys.Crazy train by Ozzie would have worked just as well,haha.As I said before we all have a duality,so doesn't it stand to reason that God also has a duality since he created us in his image.Extremes.He is the ultimate good,Satan,the ultimate evil.Isn't it a possibility that God and Satan are one and the same ?Lucy Butler,I believe is just a personifaction of the fears and duality in all of us.We deal with it everday.Some succumb to one side more than the other, trying to balance both.Lucy could be whoever a person wanted her to be,fear and evil in just a body.The body meant nothing.The symbolism is what is important here,in my opinion,take that for what it's worth.Evil exists,we see it everyday,feel it,and sometimes it touches us,or our famlies.As 2012 approaches,it will become even more prevelient in our lives.Dark forces are at work.The 1st amendment right is freedom of speech,but keep your mouth shut when you say it..Millennium was just a TV series,but Carter was a visionary,his time frame just a bit off.Lucy Butler WAS the message,the message being,the snake in Rome is not the enemy,but the snake in Athens is.Be careful not to miss the message,do not dwell on Lucy,but read the message within.Just a small piece of my mind,again,take it with a grain of salt. This is who we are,be careful,

the Messenger.

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Michael, you're a character member, you're a "Law Enforcement Officer." I used to be one, actually we all did at one time. Trust me, it won't take long to work your way up. Just keep posting and enjoying the moment and the sharing as we do.

Besides being "Love," many have described God as being electricity, with electrons and protons, both carrying a charge. Electrons carry a negative charge while protons carry a positive charge. Everything around us, and in us, contain billions and billions of atoms, and each atom contains many protons and electrons. The protons are located in the center of the atom, concentrated in a small area called the nucleus. The electrons are in motion outside of the nucleus in orbitals, with different degrees of freedom to move around. The protons are basically trapped inside the nucleus and can't escape the nucleus. As a result, it is moving electrons that are primarily responsible for electricity. As the negative electrons move closer to the nucleus, they will naturally receive more of a positive influence and transform.


Without going into a long drawn out explanation, Father God (Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil) is both electrons and protons. In the same garden is the Tree of Life, Christ, the tree we are instructed to eat off of instead. Why, because we need a voltage regulator, a conductor and insulator, to maintain the control of the flow in our life. We don't want to get too strong of an electrical current at one time and destroy ourselves. The negativity needs to be resisted so it will flee.

So basically and simply this is saying, we are negative charges (male and female created in God's image, Gen. 1:27 - a people), and we are moving towards the nucleus which has only positive protons. We are being transformed daily, removing the negativity from our spirit, soul, mind and body, to a total positive 4-fold being, eventually manifesting the fullness of perfection, the "Divine Monad," the "I AM Presence."


As you can see, Christ is between us, the flesh man, and the divine self. It is not a one time event, salvation (being made whole) is a process, otherwise we would self-destruct, we couldn't handle the electrical power, like a lightning bolt. Just like the man who touched the Ark of the Covenant, he died instantly.

Our duality is manifest until the double-edged sword (Christ the Word) begins to separate the spirit from the soul realm of feelings and emotions. Most people's lives are controlled by their emotions, because their spirit is very weak. The spirit is suppose to be the strong part of our being and in control of the mind, emotions, and body. Instead, most people manifest the opposite, and therefore people are emotionally and mentally unstable or ill, and their bodies are sick and dying. The "Sword of the Spirit" basically performs a circumcision, where it removes the excess, the unnecessary part that is thrown away (shumk). The sword either purifies you or it judges you. It either cuts away the flesh or it will kill you. I sometimes think this circumcision is what Paul was referring to in Corinthians when he said, "I die daily."

Satan is only in the Hebrew, whereas in the Greek the term "devil" is used, which means an opponent, accuser, archenemy of good, and liar in wait. Satan is a spirit being that has only become universal through the seed of man (Old Covenant and Law). Satan was one individual spirit, confined, and now is the deceiving phase of the mind in man that has fixed ideas in opposition to truth, located at the front of the brain, which is considered to be "Satan's Throne." It's an adverse consciousness, the self-mind, that thinks and acts independent of God. It is a state of mind formed by man's personal ideas of his power, completeness and sufficiency apart from God. Basically, the "Spirit of Disobedience." Christ is the "New Covenant and Law," the all positive "Royal Law of Love."

This is long but it could have been a lot longer. I just hope that I explained what the Lord has given me well enough to be understood. It's a big and powerful subject and I am sure I have not done it justice.

P M me anytime.

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Interesting couple of posts. Dualism or the idea of good and evil being opposides of the same coin shows up in a lot of religions and philosphies. The salvaton through Christ with the electric metaphor is a new one for me, and I need to read it a few more times.

I do believe that selfishness lies at the root of most evil and that I can not fully understand God at this point in time, because I see "as through a glass darkly." I look forward to when, "I will know as I am known."

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Guest messenger

Hello Group,new here,but this is my take on Lucy.We all have a duality in our center,so does Lucy.I believe she is a personification of us all.All our fears,all of our desires .Sex,death and power are the biggest motivators of all,and Lucy is an embodiment of them. She can be any shape that your fears take.And I believe the reason Legion was mentioned is again,she is all of us.I am quite sure anyone who has seen the series,and you ask them what Lucy looked like ,not one of us will answer the same. Perception will not be the same for any of us. We all look,but none of us sees the same.Lucy's power lies within her manipulation.Like when she asked Frank if he was afraid for Jordan,he never said,but we all know the answer.Fear begets power.The are many levels of evil.I don't believe she was Satan,just a worker bee who had a specific type of knowledge about the human condition that was helpful for Satan. But hey,I'm new here,and what do I know ?Haha,be safe Group.

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Guest Mikal C Johnson  KtCym ECA

I would tend to lean toward Lucy being something like a Succubus.

I have fond memories of M:A. Wish I could have been more use in the development. Either way, my name ended up in the credits and I have a great headshot photo of Shoni in the actual folder used on-screen as Jordan's file. It even has the page with redacted information about Frank in it.

I'd love to see a follow-up, if 1013 is never going to do something.

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Guest Ghostmojo

It's been a while since I have posted here - but just having watched the whole series again on DVD, I will be pitching in with a few thoughts here and there.

Regarding Lucy Butler, I am of the opinion that she is some kind of demon or emissary of the devil - sent to do his work (rather than the devil himself) with a certain amount of freedom to wander the earth and do her worst, with her own particular style and agenda. She seems to be a temptress - the classic teaser or trickster character that has existed down through the ages (particularly in European folklore). In some ways I thought it a pity that her face kept appearing all the time, even in episodes that hadn't featured her - because it then began to make you think that all the baddies might actually be her. And that would be too easy.

I think perhaps the producers and writers got a little lost with Millennium towards the end. They fell foul of their own convoluted stories and threads. If Lucy was behind almost everything, then it almost exonerates every other person who committed an evil act in the series. There has to be more to it than that. Why she had a particular thing for Frank is also a little odd. He can't have been the only individual ever to try and thwart her. The further they went with this reasoning, then the less logic there was in just dealing with the original premise of the show - the dark side of human nature - and the incredibly awful things people do to each other.

Had there been a fourth season, then they would really have needed to have bottomed this issue out. Was it going to be The Lucille Butler Show or was she (as I would prefer) just to be one of many characters to be dealt with?

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