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Climate Records Shattered in 2013

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This doesn't seem to be attracting as much media interest in the UK as it should be. The last eruption shut down all airflights over the UK and into western Europe, and the few comments I've seen are from people wondering whether their holidays are going to be disrupted (it's the school summer holidays here, so peak travel time).

Most volcanoes are formed because of tectonic plates colliding and one subducting under the other, which is the case in the Pacific northwest. But Icelandic volcanoes are formed because Iceland is where the end of the North Atlantic Ridge comes close to the surface, where the Earth's crust is being ripped apart (though very slowly). Icelandic volcanoes are unusual, which makes it difficult to predict the effects of major eruptions there. That could be local, though devastating to crops and animal/human life; or could spread ash-clouds further into Western Europe, affecting more than just airflights; or that could release vast quantities of cold fresh water into the North Atlantic, and I'm not sure what the effect of that would be.

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Josef lives in Iceland doesn't he? I need to write him and see how he is doing and if he can shed any new or different light on the subject.

Here in Oklahoma we are having earthquakes, and they are not natural, they're from fracking. Really is causing quite a stir here.

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unfortunately it's those in power who are making money in fracking and they won't stop until there is a catastrophic disaster, then expect everyday people to pay for the clean-up , just like the gulf disaster and the pipeline ruptures. sad.gif

So true and yes, so sad. sad.gif

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