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The X-Files: the upcoming mini series

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Some was asking at another forum whether La La Land Records was looking into releasing the scoring this when when it comes out and this reply was given:

We plan on some amazing x file related releases this Fall.



Apparently we're going to get more than just a Volume 3 of X-Files scoring.


turns out the mini series will air in January, so it's not going to be there with Volume 3. My guesses are:

Volume 3

A re-issue of Volume 1

and the complete score to the second X-Files film.

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Mark Snow himself now also confirmed, that he will indeed do the music for the six new X-Files episodes.

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(Article Link with Video)


(Video Link)


David Duchovny Explains Why We're Only Getting 6 New Episodes of 'The X-Files'

Season 1 of David Duchovny’s new NBC drama Aquarius is now available for binging on NBC.com, the NBC app, and video-on-demand platforms. But some fans are already daydreaming about another marathon in their future: The return of The X-Files to Fox in 2016.

When Duchovny visited Yahoo TV recently, he sat down to answer a few of our readers’ Twitter questions. After a couple about his Aquarius character Sam Hodiak — a detective trying to rescue a runaway teen from cult leader, petty criminal, and wannabe rock star Charles Manson in 1967 — @margaritamj went there: “David, why only 6 episodes? #XFiles?”
“It’s a good question. We certainly were not gonna ever do 22 again, but I guess the question is, ‘Why no eight, or 10, or 12?’” he says. “It had to do with scheduling and jobs that we were all gonna go to after. It was very hard to find a window for the three of us — [creator Chris Carter, co-star Gillian Anderson] and I — to get together to do any episodes. So six was kind of a two-and-a-half/three-month commitment, and we’re all able to do that. If people like those six, I imagine we could come back and try to find another window for six, or eight, or whatever again.”
While we’ll all hold him to that, one note for reader @_Savannah96, Duchovny’s response to your question, “Will you come to Michigan for a convention or something? Oh & be my date to homecoming?” is non-binding.
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The second of the six episode is called "Home again" and as rumors say, it could be a sequel to the episode "Home" (4x02) one of the favorite episodes of many fans.

"For starters, this new episode is entitled "Home Again", and it is both written and directed by Glen Morgan, who co-wrote the original "Home" episode with James Wong. "Home Again" is also the second episode of this new season, and the original "Home" was the second episode of The X-Files Season 4. The story centers on a villain known as "The Band-Aid Nose Man," described as, "intimidating, odd, weary, creepy and immeasurably strong," who is said to be a "thought" that came to life."


These speculations have not been confirmed neither by Chris Carter nor by Fox.

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