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"bardo Thodol"...

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I have watched and watched this episode. I Still don't know why the shapeshifter can shift shapes, or why he was after the bowl. Maybe the bowl was a Millenium must have item, like the Cross of the crucifixion .

I thought maybe the doctor was the one that sent the virus. He was a millennium member, he could have gotten access, and he was crying out to Frank for help. When Frank Arrived the doctor had been expecting him.

I loved this episode, it's beautiful to me. The chants, the calmness of the priest and how he in turn, calms Frank, and the doctor too, in the end.

I don't understand, in the context of things, how Frank could be so disrespected by the FBI either. It seems over the top. I don't like Baldwin, but he seems kind of normal for a gung ho wanna move up the ladder guy who obviously thinks Emma should go home and bake cookies, and Frank should go to the old folks home. Arrogance of the up and coming caucasian male against aging and females. The FBI boss, he seems a bit harsh to Frank, that makes no sense, unless he is being pressured by the MIllennium group to do so.

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I've just rewatched this episode, having not watched it for a long time. This, like many MM episodes, survives the test of time.

Many thanks, claaa7/Jacob for reviving this topic. If I were less muzzy-headed than I still am, I could perhaps do some analysis – but I'll have to leave that for another time. Your last point did get me thinking a bit, however. I think that it was appropriate for Frank to be at the funeral as he was part of Takahashi's last few hours on Earth. Hollis's presence is a bit more of a stretch, but she did have a connection because she also had seen the MM Group for what they were.

I don't know anything about the geography of that part of the north-east (yes, I know it was actually filmed in Vancouver), but I guess there are places away from most habitation where specific funeral rites are permitted that wouldn't be within a town or city. It could well be that there are Buddhist temples/compounds in remote areas anyway. I don't know what the funeral laws are like in Sweden, but I think that in the UK having an open-air funeral pyre isn't likely to be permitted. But the US has a very different history in terms of accommodating different religious practices, so it could well be that Takahashi's funeral took place just a short drive out of town.

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Here goes my denseness again. I thought that the whole thing took place in the Himalayas or something. I didn't even consider it could happen in the US . When the doctor was running, and I saw the Asian shops and market and the Tai Chi folks, I figured Overseas. I didn't think that it could happen in a major city here, where there are Asian sections int he city that are a whole other world.

I noted the funeral rite. I think it was beautiful. I am still so confused as to how that one evil guy can sift shapes.

I didn't even think that Emma was out of place at the funeral but in hindsight, yeah, how did she get there and why? Moral support? I know she was starstruck by Frank. I mean who wouldn't have been, but she really followed him around like a pup following the alpha dog!

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