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Your favourite Millennium episodes

Guest WaveCrest

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Guest Frank L.




Force Majeure

The Thin White Line



The Curse Of Frank Black

Midnight Of The Century

The Hand Of St. Sebastian


The Fourth Horseman/The Time Is Now


The Sound Of Snow

Borrowed Time

Seven And One

Saturn Dreaming Of Mercury

Through A Glass, Darkly

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Guest IzakiDragmire

i think nearly all of the millenium episodes are great! but my definite fave is jose chung's doomsday defence. ^.^

Frank, don't you just love his moustache? :doh:

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Guest Bob Bletcher


- Gehenna

- Dead Letters

- 522666

- Weeds

- The Thin White Line

- Covenant

- Lamentation

- Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions


- The Curse of Frank Black

- Midnight of the Century

- Jose Chung´s Doomsday Defense

- The Mikado

- Somehow, Satan got behind me

- The Fourth Horseman

- The Time is Now


Haven´t watched it yet

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Guest Max Fenig

I just finished the series - for the first time, not thirty minutes ago, and it's six in the morning, I've been up all day and night and now, well, another day, and I really need some sleep.

But of everything I have seen, "Borrowed Time" was the pinnacle of the series. That's my number one.

I'd also like to defend "Bardo Thodol" sheerly for being the most bizarre thing I've ever seen on television (and I'm a Twin Peaks fan).

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Guest noonien soong

I am also new to this serie, as it is the first time I have watched it all, and not just bits and pieces on TV.

There are deffinetly many Episodes which can be labled as great, but to pick some of them out, then the once I thought were more than just great was:

The Thin White Line



Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me

Through a Glass, Darkley

The Sound of Snow

I especially liked The Thin White Line because it showed Frank Black being mercyful to a person, who had caused him so much pain over the years. The ending was excellent.

The Sound of Snow I put on because it showd a closer for Frank and his pain of losing Katherine.

The others all have a great message and story to them, which is what Millennium is all about, and why I love this serie so much.

Edited by noonien soong
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-Blood Relatives


-A Room

-Through a glass...

A thought expressed by William James in 1902 and quoted by Wells deserves renewed attention: [Cleckley, 1988 5th edition]

Yonder puny fellow however, whom everyone can beat suffers no chagrin about it, for he has long ago abandoned the attempt to “carry that line,” as the merchants say, of Self at all. With no attempt there can be no failure; with no failure, no humiliation. So our self-feeling in this world depends entirely on what we back ourselves to be and do. It is determined by the ratio of our actualities to our supposed potentialities; a fraction of which our pretensions are the denominator and the numerator our success: thus, self-esteem = Success/Pretensions. Such a fraction may be increased as well by diminishing the denominator as by increasing the numerator. To give up pretensions is as blessed a relief as to get them gratified; and where disappointment is incessant and the struggle unending, this is what men will always do. The history of evangelical theology, with its conviction of sin, its self-despair, and its abandonment of salvation by works, is the deepest of all possible examples, but we meet others in every walk of life….How pleasant is the day when we give up striving to be young—or slender! Thank God! We say, those illusions are gone. Everything added to the self is a burden as well as a pride.

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Guest paranoid eyes



Forced Majeure

Walkabout ( surprisingly a Lost episode with the same title is also one of my favorites)


Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions

The curse of Frank Black

Saturm Dreaming of Mercury

Seven plus One

Via Dolorasa and Good bay to all that

However on a desert island I would take: The Pilot, The Judge ( as Marshal Bell is my favorite guest star) and Beware of Dog ( that subtle irony is rare to find and it would be nice to see something lighter and funny after all those dark epis).

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