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Funniest Millennium Moment

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Guest icubud

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Guest icubud

Stepping out of the darkness.....

In your opinion what was the funniest Millennium moment?

The one I often "chuckle" about is the scene with the kids in the basement and the one telling the story of the "Curse of Frank Black" and Frank sneaks in on them and exclaims "BOO!" :rofl:

We had a group over watching that episode on TV when it aired and we all were rolling about it.

Millennium and XFiles both had some really classic humorous moments and zingers. :gaba:

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Guest WaveCrest

Oh for me that would be the scene in Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense when Frank in a dream scene is wearing a grey wig and headbutts a man in his groin! Had me laughing my socks off! :grin2:

There was supposed to be in The Curse of Frank Black two uses of Homer Simpson's classic "D'oh!" catchphrase by Frank. I thought I heard one use when he was in the red jeep struggling to either turn it on or the radio cassette on.

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Guest chrisnu

My vote for Funniest Frank scene is definitely Rocket McGrane; funniest Gieblehouse scene is Legion is going on and on in "The Judge" and Giebs just shouts "Shut up!" :smokin: The funniest Bletch scene is in the Pilot, when he's wading through the river and exclaims "It's a good thing I already got a family!" :grin2:

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Guest A Stranger

"Someone is trying to drive me insane... for the third time in my life"

I have a feeling the list of "funny moments" is MM is going to create a very short discussion. :bigsmile:

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Guest Pencil Machine Operator

I love that moment when the Selphosophy Psycho looks up from his laptop and says: "Boy! My writing's really improved since I got this new software!"

Also, the part where Chung says that a person's books can tell you a lot about a person, and so Geibelhaus says something like "Yeah? Not

me.I don't got no books." Chung: "Exactly"

And check out the shorts on the Selphosophy rep.


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Guest chrisnu

Some other hilarious Jose Chung moments: after Frank tells Mr. Chung "I'm a roving, freelance, forensic profiler", he says "Oh" in such a way that I can't help cracking up. Also, when Mr. Chung says "I'll take that as an unqualified rave!" :grin2: Also, the whole "Nutball" sequence is great.

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Guest Sue Myatt
funniest Gieblehouse scene is Legion is going on and on in "The Judge" and Giebs just shouts "Shut up!"  :smokin:

i think giebs is such a funny character in M, i love the guy. i wish i could remember some more funny scenes of his. i also like the nerdy it guy - oops forgot his name. i think it was funny when he installed franks pc and gave frank the old soylent green logon. frank had to repeat it in his deadpan voice. that nerdy it guy was a funny character - i remember one time frank rang him up and he was watching 'beneath the planet of the apes' (a fave of mine!).


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I've got a lot of favorite funny scenes. The "Oooo...Glad I've already got a family." scene in the piolet is one of them! :rofl: Then, there was this scene in "The Curse of Frank Black", where he was working on his Jack-O-Lantern. That whole scene was hilarious! That was one of the reasons I liked S2 best. We got to KNOW Frank so much better. He seemed so much more genuine. And, of course, there's "Jose Chung". Like, Frank to Chung..."That's very downbeat." and Chung to Frank..."LIFE is downbeat!" And the "Oh, boy! My gun jammed!" spoken by the Selfosophy Psycho when trying to shoot Frank. I could go on and on.... LOL

Great idea for a thread, by the way! :thumbsup_big::yes_big:

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Guest A Stranger

Okay, here's the funniest scene to read of all time: :bigsmile:


The Teaser is narrated by JOSE CHUNG, and illustrated with

a series of still photographs.

1st Photograph: An Indian couple holding an infant child.

With a beard.


Once upon a time, two East Indian

immigrants gave birth to a baby boy,

whom they loved very dearly. Yet,

nevertheless, named "Juggernaut Onan

Goopta". Other than the name, and,

uh, the beard, he was a normal boy,

who suffered all the usual

humiliations of a normal childhood.

2nd Photograph: Goopta's high school yearbook. With a

beard. While the other students have captions and witty

remarks under their photos, his is blank underneath except

for "Goopy".


Upon graduating high school, he went

off to college with a dream of someday

becoming a famous neuroscientist. His

goal was to be the first to comprehend

how the biology of the brain gives

birth to the greatest mystery of life:


3rd Photograph: Goopta (wearing a surgical mask to hide the

beard) holding a model brain in class.


Unfortunately, his own brain could not

comprehend basic biology. He quickly

switched majors to philosophy; but

alas, while reading Kirkegaard's

"Sickness Unto Death", he became sick

and nearly died.

4th Photograph: Exterior of "Spotnitz Sanitarium"; then of

Goopta in a hospital bed with a typewriter on his lap.


During recovery -- though obviously

still suffering from dementia -- he

set forth on a new dream: to become a

writer. And his first forays into

detective fiction proved so inept,

they were mistaken for brilliant

parodies; and finding immediate

publication in the highbrow literary

journal, "The Dark Mask."

5th Photograph: A ridiculously-drawn cover of said magazine;

then of Goopta among a group of men, one of whom is a young

Jose Chung.


Alongside the work of a talented group

of young writers, one of whom would go

onto become the leading, literary

light of his generation, composing

profound stories in a style that made

Proust seem pallid.

6th Photograph: A middle-aged Jose Chung in retrospect.



His loveable flamboyancy made him not

only a literary icon, but a cultural

one as well!

7th Photograph: Jose Chung posing with Neil Simon.


Why, he even made a cameo appearance

in an award-winning film at Cannes.

We see footage from the 1969 TV show, "H.R. Pufnstuf".

Jose is in a bizarre green mask (playing the character

Hoodoo). He hops on a round alien scooter/aircraft,

announcing maniacally: "Nobody ever comes out of there

alive! Ahahahaa!"



But we're here to focus on Goopta.

After the demise of the magazine,

Goopta could not sell his work, and he

became destitute and suicidal.

8th Photograph: Goopta is working on a typewriter mounted on

the back of the toilet.


Out of pure desperation, he managed --

in a single, feverish night -- to

crank out a book that changed the

course of human history: "How to Be

Happy, Even When You Shouldn't." It

was quickly followed by the

bestsellers, "How to Manipulate People

by Your Apparent Friendliness", and

"How to Overcome Your Fears by Making

Others Fear You".

9th Photograph: Covers of the aforementioned self-help

books. Then a final one entitled "Selfosophy" that is

modeled after "Dianetics" by L. Ron Hubbard.


And upon the release of his

masterpiece, Goopta hit the lecture

hall circuit, always preaching to

standing room only, for he shrewdly

refrained from providing chairs.

10th Photograph: Goopta at a podium, followed by a series of

stills of Goopta gesticulating wildly.


(Indian-accented English)

Every painful moment of your life,

casts a shadow across your mirror

biology. Until you exterminate these

dark memories, you will remain in a

negative groove. Thus, those who

cannot forget their past, are

condemned to repeat it."

11th Photograph: The same sanitarium, except with a sign

that says "Institute of Selfosophy"; then of students in

white lab coats wearing strange devices on their heads.


Goopta then opened an institute to

help teach people how to become more

self-helpful. Patients -- who were

called "doctors", since the

term "patient" was unhealthy

associations -- learned how to shed

the darkness of their minds by

mastering therapies taught by the

institute's staff, which to inspire a

sense of spiritual, empirical,

transmigrational, is modeled after the

U.S. Postal Service. The institute

proved to so popular, Selfosophy

branched out, and institutes popped up

throughout the nation. Then Goopta

announced a new evolution to


12th Photograph: Goopta in a safari outfit behind a backdrop

of billowing clouds.


After wiping away its mind of

darkness, the self must then wipe away

the eternal soul. And since our souls

have existed for thousands of years

before the advent of Selfosophy, we

all have a great deal of wiping to do.


The tax-exempt belief system, also

involved its own theology. But

I can't tell you what it is -- it's a

secret. When learning the theologies,

Selfosophists must undergo a sworn

blood oath ritual, which is also a


13th Photograph: An aged drawing that depicts demons in a



So this artist's depiction is purely

speculative, and surely way over the

top; in fact, forget you even saw it.

14th Photograph: A newspaper with the headline, "Selfosophy:

Religion or Rip-Off?"


In any case, all the secrecy and

profits drew criticism from some

quarters, but these critics were

quickly silenced.

15th Photograph: The same newspaper with the new headline,

"Selfosophy: An Uncoerced Retraction".


Either by libel suits, or what

Selfosophists call "Knock, Knock,

Zoom, Zoom" affirmations. There were

even some internal criticisms: if a

member continues his complaint, he is

deemed a "Ratfinkovich", and is

excommunicated from Selfosophy.

16th Photograph: An aging Goopta, with a backdrop of the

universe behind him.


In 1979, Onan Goopta molted his

earthly encumbrance to pursue his

Selfosophical research in another

dimension -- that means he died of

prostate cancer -- but the institution

he left behind has never been so

popular, as we head into the next

millennium. A happy, upbeat ending if

ever there was one. That is, it

was ...

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