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Where in the Heck Is Bucksnort

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Wiki is good for science and medical stuff as Libby stated, and I repeat, when it comes to TV show episodes, it is usually more correct and updated then IMDb.

Now when it comes to information about people, I honestly don't believe Wiki does its own research, I think they borrow the information from other sources without checking to see if it's accurate.

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On 2015-11-12 at 8:04 PM, Earthnut said:

I'm thinking that they had the man move his RV into the town limits for safety, thinking they would be safe as long as they stayed inside.  They may have thought it would have been more dangerous to not be in the city limit.  Obviously it didn't help since their presence upset the balance.  Even Frank's presence there brought out the dogs, but who knows, maybe they were somehow welcoming a member of the group, and could smell that he was.  Animals have a very extreme strong sense of smell.

Yes, I remember, The Old Man did say at one point that they dogs were not his.

this is my understanding as well, as long as the balance was upheld everyone within the town limit was safe as long as they stayed inside whereas there would be no guarantee of safety outside of it. the towns folk are saying something to that effect when they are discussing what to do (while Frank is in there with them, supposedly sleeping)


i really love the "weird town"/twilight zone vibe of this episode though I imagine that a whole bunch of devoted Millenniees where quite thrown off by its themes and execution at its original airing.. i know i found it quite perplexing following my understanding of what the show was about after having seen Season 1

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