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The Original Fox Millennium website

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Guest bemp

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Congratulations for getting all that done!

In the folder you created for the files, there's a file called "Main.htm" - double-click that and it should open in your browser. It should then operate the same way as browsing a site on the Web. You'll see in the browser in the address field, that instead of, say, "www.millennium-thisis...." it will say something like "file:///C:/....MillenniumWebSite/Main.htm". You can bookmark that, just the same way as bookmarking a web site.

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Hi everyone.

Thanks for the upload Libby. I never had a chance to look at the original MM website in the past. It is nice to see all these interviews and pictures.

Take care.


You're welcome. Considering how long ago that website was done, it looks pretty good.

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Guest cw1925

Perhaps a little late, but I've reuploaded a mirror where you don't need any software to upzip the compressed file. It's called a self-extracting file. It's also a little more compressed (meaning smaller file size) than the original link posted. Enjoy to those that haven't succeeded so far:


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Hi Darlene, I understand you were a bit confused about the file names in your browser, instead of seeing "Main.htm" you only saw "Main", and secondly, when you got "Main.htm" to open in your browser, it over-wrote the TIWWA page.

Hidden File Extensions

The first issue is down to your computer being set to hide known file extensions, but don't worry, its easy to fix! I'm assuming you are using Windows XP, but its a similar process in Windows Vista to fix. Just follow the guide below and it will allow you to see your full file names and extensions.





Tabbed Browsing

Your second problem can be fixed in a number of ways but essentially you should be using a modern, up to date browser if only for security reasons, and now these all come with a feature called Tabbed Browsing. With this, your browser, say Internet Explorer or Firefox, can allow you to open multiple websites or pages at the same time. See the screen shots below for more information:



For Firefox users

I'm unsure which browser you have, but in the Firefox browser, if you open a new tab in your browser first, then click on File > Open File and then choose your main.htm file, it will open the web page in the new tab, keeping TIWWA open in the first tab.

For Internet Explorer users

You can do it the same way in Internet Explorer but the menu commands are slightly re-worded. So in Internet Explorer, firstly open a new tab, click on File then Open. Then browse to and select your main.htm file, it will open the web page in the new tab, keeping TIWWA open in the first tab.

If you are still having problems and have broadband, download and install the small, free program Crossloop (no need to register it) and I'll fix it it for you over the Internet at a time when we are both online.



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Graham, thank you so much for taking the time to post all of this. What an computer education I am getting on this site.

Yes, I have Windows XP, and I got the extension problem solved, but oh when I went to allow tabs, my browser closed. It took work to get back to the site, it kept telling me the page couldn't be displayed. I closed it and opened a new browers, but it still took a long time for it to download. This computer must be the pits. McAfee through AT&T/Yahoo is my firewall and it's updated on a regular basis so there shouldn't be any other problem. However, I do have it set up to open a new window when I click on a link. Just right clicked on "Crossloop" and clicked "open new tab" and it opened.

You're like Tony the Tiger, "YOU"RE GREAT."



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Glad you got it all working Darlene. McAfee Firewall and Antivirus will have its fans, but personally I've found it an absolute nightmare on the computers I've seen it installed on. The firewall routinely blocks websites when it shouldn't.

I'll reply to your PM when I get back after my vacation, but I'm not to sure which pop-ups you are referring too. If you need help meanwhile, try posting in the Help forums.

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Guest zombieromero

Could anyone re-upload this old website as I was away from the site when it was uploaded and now the links are dead :( cheers guys and gals

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I have this on a disc somewhere Zombie so I'll try to find it for you. I hope others will have a look to on the off chance I can't locate. One of us should be able to share this with you I'm sure.


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