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Guest Blueboy

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I knew I had some info here about cockroaches. Ah, found it:

Miller's Grove, Massachusetts

[An exterminator, Doctor Bugger, pulls a cockroach off the wall and looks at it, the flashlight illuminating both it and his face.]

DR. BUGGER: Behold the mighty cockroach. Believed to have originated in the Surilian period over three-hundred and fifty million years ago, they can be found in every part of the world from the tropics to the arctic. There exists four thousand known species... and in a year, a single female can produce over half a million descendants.

[He smiles, laughing a little to himself.]

DR. BUGGER: Radiation doesn't kill them. By evolutionary standards, they are nearly flawless creatures, but creatures nevertheless. Possessing only a simple nervous system, their behavior is dictated solely by responses to environmental stimuli. Unlike us, they are incapable of thought, of... self-illumination.

[He reaches up and turns on the light.]

DR. BUGGER: Compared to the roach, we are gods... and must therefore act accordingly.

[He drops the roach and steps on it, then looks up at Doctor Eckerle.]

JEFF ECKERLE: Is it true if you decapitate them, they continue to live, eventually dying of starvation?

DR. BUGGER: Look, buddy, I just kill them.

The X-Files, episode 3x12, The War of the Coprophages. Where Mulder meets a voluptuous entomologist, and Scully gets covered in dung. Bless that Darin Morgan - only he could write an episode like that and get away with it.

As for that video - it's a balloon.....a weather balloon. wiggle.gif

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Guest Blueboy

You all seemed to miss the last 5 seconds of the cockroach vid. The purpose was to show how a cockroach, and a gecko, can spin upside down and reattach themselves without falling. If you look at the last few seconds, its not a cockroach doing the maneuver, its a small robot.

Meanwhile, lest we miss an important notch on the upcoming calendar, I submit for your consideration either one of the best hoaxes of all time concerning the abduction phenomena, or something much spookier. He names the date for an "important event" Sept. 21. Countdown within a countdown. It doesn't get any better than that.


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