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Vancouver/BC filming locations

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Where was Millennium shot?

I have made some searching around including in these forums and there's not much I can find in terms of shooting locations. Of course it was filmed in Vancouver and surrounding areas in British Columbia, but what about the specifics? The X-Files was shot there in its first five seasons and there are some locations used in both shows, and since filming locations are better documented for XF it is possible to find some for MM too. Here is all I have:

- The Yellow House (not the Pilot's; from Gehenna onwards): 321 Fourth Avenue, New Westminster, British Columbia

- Pilot: Frank hunts the Frenchman: Burrard Street Bridge, Vancouver

- Force Majeure: The Atrium, Pocatello, Idaho: Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, 6450 Deer Lake Avenue, Burnaby, British Columbia, V5G 2J3

- Luminary: Hydroplane arrival and rescue, and that iconic shot of Frank: I believe this is Buntzen Lake, XF also shot there and it looks the same

- The Fourth Horseman: Frank's parents' grave: can't tell, but two sites where XF shot cemetaries are good candidates: Mountain View Cemetary, Vancouver, and Stanley Park, Vancouver

- unknown episode: 2400 Motel, 2400 Kingsway, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5R 5G9 -- since there are MM photos in their main office

What about the rest? Where is the hike in Lamentation? the Old Man's cabin? Frank's rental home during season 2? Peter Watts' house? the Donut Hole? the cabin at the end of season 2? that final shot of the show? How about all the interiors? Etc etc.

Didn't ethsnafu attempt to collect these at some point?

Good hunting!

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To the best of my knowledge, all of the filming locations are listed with each episode at our sister site ~


There's even an episode locations map.


For example, Beware of the Dog, was shot in Seattle, Washington, and we can only assume that's where The Old Man's cabin is, but in the episode, it's in the fictitious town of Bucksnort.

Lamentation was filmed at Mount Baker North Cascades, Washington.  There's also a list of locations at the right of it's page.


Sorry, that's all I have time for today.  Thanks for the post.


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I am familiar with what is on TIWWA, but I'm afraid you are assuming that the locations are the filming locations. As all of Carter's shows except the Los Angeles seasons of The X-Files, Millennium was shot 100% in and around Vancouver (apart perhaps some establishing stock shots of other places, like the San Francisco skyline in Gehenna for instance). Much of MM season 1 and 2 are set in Seattle, which is similar in climate to Vancouver, so the setting and the filming location are similar-looking. But I'm quite sure that the Old Man's cabin is somewhere in a natural park around Vancouver like Seymour Demonstration Forest (where they shot a lot of X-Files, and I am guessing things like the burnt car scene from Owls or the forest scenes from The Sound of Snow); and that what is supposed to be Mount Baker is actually the mountains north of Vancouver (where they shot snowy episodes of the X-Files too).

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Oh well, I certainly learned something new today.  Obviously I'm no help.  Sorry.


"Time is too slow for those who wait; too swift for those who fear;

too long for  those who grieve; too short for those who rejoice.

But for those who love, time is eternity."

(Jane Fellowes)

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I too remember something about Seattle as well, but it seems it was only Carter visiting it to get a closer look at the peep-show club that inspired the one in the Pilot episode.

I did some digging around and thanks to the image galleries, some searches, my working knowledge of X-Files shooting locations, I was able to identify a bit more! The image galleries tend to focus on the characters and not the background, so I'm sure more can be found by going through the episodes themselves more in detail -- and talking with a Vancouverite!

Dead Letters: image 19
Molly's Coffee Shop (demolished in 2009)
Kingdom Come: church image 1
Angel of Victory, SeaBus terminal, West Cordova St, Vancouver (same statue as X-Files Beyond The Sea)
Force Majeure: Iron Lung man's house
13275 Colebrook Rd., Surrey, same house as X-Files Home (Peacock house)
Sacrament: church in the beginning
? Could this be St. Andrew's Wesley United Church, 1022 Nelson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 4S7? (church used in X-Files Nothing Lives Forever)
Beware of the Dog: Bucksnort
Britannia Beach (Hotel in front of Mining museum; mining museum visible in the background when Frank is talking to Michael; RV in main street along the creek) Unfortunately the Old Man's cabin is more difficult to spot, as one could expect, perhaps a circle of stones protects it from prying Google cameras
Goodbye Charlie: alley images 55-56:
This looks like Gastown, where they filmed a lot

The Pest House: the titular pest house, visible in image 13
Riverview Hospital, where they filmed a lot
Human Essence: conversation on the seaside image 63, 65
Antipas: the mansion image 12:
? The maze garden is similar to the maze in VanDusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver, but there is no mansion behind it

Forcing the End: final scenes images 128-141
Helipad on the roof of Queen Elizabeth Theatre, 630 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5N6
? 2400 Motel, 2400 Kingsway, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5R 5G9
They have photos in their main office, as mentioned in the discussion here
? Simon Fraser University: apparently there was filming there (mentioned here)
Could this be the discussion in image 18+ in Force Majeure?
? Cemeteries in Blood Relative, The Fourth Horseman (the Blacks' graves), Closure, Matryoshka: similar to X-Files Pilot (recreated cemetery in Queen Elizabeth Park) / The Blessing Way (Mountain View Cemetery) / Apocrypha (recreated cemetery in Stanley Park) ?
? Woods (Luminary), and road in woods ("Horse with no name" in Owls; teaser of The Sound of Snow): likely to be Seymour Demonstration Forest, where they filmed a lot
? IMDB mentions there was shooting in New Westminster, BC
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I never did reply to this thread, did I? The above was in preparation for a trip I did to Vancouver. I visited plenty of X-Files shooting locations, and a handful of Millennium shooting locations as well.

Here's my report: Vancouver 25 years later

The things relevant to Millennium:

Pilot: the first shot of the Frenchman entering the peep show club:



Pilot: search for the "Peste" coffin (approximate location):



Gehenna: the discussion between Frank and Mike Atkins took place at this plaza:



Through the arch, looking toward the other side, is most likely where this Frank-Lara scene from Goodbye Charlie was shot:


Gehenna and beyond: the Yellow House, of course:


The Judge: glimpse of a statue:



Force Majeure: iron lung man's house:


Force Majeure: meeting between Frank and Brad Dourif:



2400 Motel, I still don't know which MM episode was shot there, I'll keep an eye out on a potential rewatch:


I wanted to visit Bucksnort (Britannia Beach) but never got around to. Next time, maybe?

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Fantastic photos, thanks for sharing! 😀

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I haven't been to Vancouver for years, but back then, I liked it a lot. I recall accidentally finding William B. Davis' acting school on my way someplace. The lights were on and I wanted to go in so badly😈. I liked his acting in XF a lot--he made that character (or it was made for him, I'm not sure.) 

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