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MM title sequences - a new finding

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A very astute person over at imdb posted this information (quoted with permission):

I loved how they punched up the opening sequence for the later seasons, especially the A-Bomb shot, and its ensuing shockwave. That was footage from the firing of the Atomic Cannon, back around 1951. The shot was dubbed "Betty Grable"(!) by the military and scientists who did the shot out at Yucca Flats, Nevada. The shot was an approximally 6" shell, shot from a souped-up howitzer, to test the practicality of tactical nuclear artillery. The yield was about 20 Kilotons. It was also to test baseline actual damage, inflicted by A-Bombs and H-Bombs; so they built a dummy village, with houses, store fronts, parked vehicles, obsolete locomotives, warehouses, obsolete aircraft, and a forest of 40-foot Ponderosa/Jeffrey Pines, transplanted from the nearby mountains. That's why you see that large house flying to pieces from the shock-/wind-wave, in that segment of the sequence.

I really find this kind of information absolutely fascinating - not just the detail that went into even the title sequences, but that there are MM fans out there who can provide these additions to our knowledge of the show.

The discussion on MM's imdb board arose from questions about the title sequences. I was able to answer some of the questions because I've done a rough translation of the featurette on the S1 DVD - which has reminded me that I haven't finished that and posted it here. Another thing on my list of things to do!

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This is fascinating, Libby! Thanks!

I knew that shot was from a very old bit of tape, of an actual A-bomb, but I certainly did not know all the rest of that!!! It's amazing how many layers you can peal back....

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The trivia behind this is very interesting.

You can read more about Grable here:




Small video clips of actual damage and the actual artillery launch:


And this 55minute video is fascinating, about atomic tests that were performed in Nevada in 1953. These tests were conducted to gain important knowlege. Shows all the different shots, 11 in total, and the after effects of each one.


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BEER----> 'The Babe' and I go to Las Vegas often. Right near the 'Strip' is the "Atomic Museum". It's great - if you're ever there I suggest you stop in. Between the gambling and all.


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Interesting stuff. I love that I still learn things at this site. The museum near Vegas sounds interesting as well. I remember that when I took my son and daughter to Washington DC, about 11 years ago, the only thing my son wanted to see at the Smithsonian was the Enola Gay exhibit. I doubt that is still there?

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Guest WaveCrest

The MM title sequences are some of the best I have seen, along with various shows from the 50's through to the present day. It's a shame that Supernatural hasn't done a title sequence. Eleventh Hour did a very brief title sequence but it wasn't much. And yet the other Jerry Bruckheimer TV shows have a title sequence.

Some of my favourite images from the MM title sequences are the girl walking along the rooftop and the ferris wheel. What also impressed me about MM's title sequences was they were all different from one another. I'm not sure if the nuclear bomb/building blowing up image was used again in the Season 3 title sequence.

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