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I have a doubt about the Millenium Group. Is the devil behind? or are two separates entities?

Some observations.

In the curse of Frank Black Crocel ghost  sent by the devil suggest Frank Abandon Millenium Group. Well this proff the Millenium Group (or part of it) is separated from the Devil influence.

I believe, one of the  the Millenium Group Lodge is satanic and the devil is behind it. 

When Frank Black confronts Peter Watts in his own house. Peter says, "The group who videotaped jordan is not the group i know"

So, maybe, one of the lodges of the Millenium Group is involved with Satanic practices.

In the end, when Frankl Black achieve a sort of revelation:



FRANK: We survive, maybe.But only by discarding the questions that confuses us – what do I want – and asking what the world, what the universe wants and needs.

This is Frank Black accepting his fate and recognizing the Ourubourous. When he says, "what the universe wants and needs" is not saying "what god wants and need"

The universe is full of demons and evil forces too. So he is recognice them in order to survive with his little daughter.

My conclusion, about the group, is that Frank Black fails to recognices the Ouroboros, I mean, the bad side of the group and that is the reason, he has to run away with his daughter.

He asked to many questions, he saved too many people, he failed to understad good and evil combined to make a world a better place.


Curse of Frank black2.png

The debil1.png

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The Millennium group was a private, secret group whose original mission was to guide mankind in whatever way it could, to  being prosperous and good. It was to fight evil.  But... somewhere along the way, as often happens, the group got too proud, too haughty and too greedy for the relics and the mystery.  By season 3 it had morphed into an entirely evil group, with the shapeshifter killing people, and the group trying to discredit Frank Black.


Frank Black, was merely a human being trying to do his best to make the world safe for his family.

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The running story arc in Season 1 was Legion attempting to "employ" Frank Black. Their methods and motives were so transparently nefarious that I've concluded it was a disingenuous gesture, and that their real purpose in constantly bumping uglies with him was as to divert his attention from the people he should really be worried about: the Millenium Group.  They were a strawman of sorts, acting as a lightening rod for Frank's negative energies and putting him in such a fluster that he'd fail to recognize the real enemy. Indeed, it work for a while: by Season 2 he was deep in with the Group. I wonders if he would have stayed with them, had  Catherine not died.

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Setting evil and the devil off to the side.  All through the series, the group and it's members appeared to be unstable.  There was always an issue, and the very fact that there are two factions proves this.  Then you add individual perspectives and opinions to the mix, and you end up with an "All of the Above."

I personally believe that they wanted to kill off Catherine and Jordan thinking they would have more control over Frank, but it backfired, in his reality, it created just the opposite, he wanted out.

Also, I believe he was suspicious of the group all along, just didn't have proof, and wasn't sure how to break away.  Plus, he did experience the good that the group did, which in some ways didn't amount to much.

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They may very well be glad Catherine died from the Marburg virus as she had a clear abhorrence for the Group and tended to keep Frank's eyes open, but they would've wanted to keep Frank in tow and bring Jordan along down the road because of her gift.

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In the ending of season 3, Peter Watts gave Frank files on Frank and Jordan that the group kept. That was his warning to Frank, and the reason Frank picked Jordan up from school and they drove away in the series finale.  They would have lured her in, or coerced her in.

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