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Millennium Drums

An image from Millennium.

The sound of booming drums would often be the first identification of Chris Carter's Millennium television series, accompanying the bright white fading Polaroid effect when introducing a new scene. In fact the accompanying booklet to the 2008 release of the limited edition Millennium soundtrack by Mark Snow specifically mentions the drums:

One of the recurring elements of Millennium's sound design was the use of heavy, low pounding drum hits, used to introduce Snow's title theme or bring the viewer back into the show after a commercial break. The drum material was the work of music editor Jeff Charbonneau, whose collection of percussive musical sounds appealed to the show's producers. "Jeff is a really fantastic music editor and he's done a lot of movies," Snow said. "He had a collection of single percussive booms and hits that were really great. There's never a pattern in these percussive hits, but we would sprinkle them into the music in places."

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Presented below are versions of both the double and single hit Millennium drums. You can download them in standard Windows .wav format and also in three differnet bitrate versions of MP3 format, depending upon your the requirements of your application. For example, you may wish to use the MP3 format as an SMS Text Message alert, but the highest quality (224kbps) may not be supported on all makes and models of mobile (cell) phone, so you may require the 160kbps version.

(If the sounds play in your media player when you click on them, simply right click on the links and choose Save As or Save Target As to download the actual file.)

Millennium Drum sound (Double Hit):

Millennium Drum sound 2 (Single Hit):